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Moniker® and SnapNames®, announced today that they will exclusively broker the domain name ‘

Furthermore, this premium domain name will be available for online bids in the Moniker and SnapNames Premium International & ccTLD Domain Name Auction starting June 21 and ending July 19, 2012 at 3:15 p.m. Eastern.

“Given this domain’s usage of the popular keywords ‘Free’ and ‘Sex’, this highly-recognizable asset will provide the buyer with a means to reach a broad and international online audience in a relevant and targeted manner.”

“As evidenced from the $13 million USD selling price of ‘’ in late 2010, ‘’ for $9.5 million USD in 2007 and ‘’ for $4 million USD in 2008, the market demand for rare premium adult names is strong – although seldom available for sale in an open market forum.”

“We are pleased to announce the selection of Moniker as the exclusive brokerage firm for ‘’,” said the current owners. “This decision was based on their track record and ability to reach qualified buyers globally. We look forward to offering this valuable domain name to the market in partnership with Moniker and SnapNames the premium domain name brokerage and auction house.”

There was no reserve range or pricing mentioned in the Press Release


  1. says

    We own Any value in that? Very interesting that this is big news…. What is going on with .xxx? I haven’t heard of many sales. You would think would be a better fit.

  2. Dean says

    I have been looking for some.. problem is you have to have girlfriend or be in a relationship to get some. Hell of a price to pay for “freesex.”

  3. Dean says

    that was a Double Entendre, it was meant figuratively in reply to both BullS comment and the other comment I made, the one that was deleted for some reason?

  4. Michael H. Berkens says


    The one about the domain you own

    Yes I don’t want this to turn into a comment filled section of domains people own

  5. Dean says

    I thought I was playing by the rules: no direct link, not offering it for sale, just making a comparison. Certainly it was related… direct match to a name you mentioned. No different to the many references to names you own. Ooops! I forgot.. it’s your blog 😉

  6. says and are on different planets IMO, two incomparable domains. “Free Porn” makes perfect sense on the Internet (people looking for free adult content), while “Free Sex” is meaningless (people looking to get laid for free?!)

  7. Michael H. Berkens says


    I agree with you and just to piss Dean off (yes its my blog) I will say that’s why I got rather than when I had the choice.

    Of course the value of either of those are questionable at the moment

  8. Dean says

    @Joe great point, “freesex” is an oxymoron, it’s like alimony, sooner or later your gonna pay.
    @MHB… Silly Goose… I would never register a .XXX

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