Bing Redesign Is On The Way

According to a story in today, has been redesigned and new ad models are on the way

“Microsoft introduced a new version of the search engine with a three-column design combining traditional Web search and social. The product will soon roll out in the U.S.”

“The combination of search and social signals will produce a clear and clean vision of user intent. Derrick Connell, corporate VP of search program management, said the right rail paid-search ads will remain in place and should perform slightly better. ”

“In the future, Microsoft will “start to experiment with new ad formats and models.”

Search pages must evolve or become obsolete”

“While the left rail will continue to serve up search results, the middle column will give users a snapshot or relevant information and services related to the search, including maps, restaurant reservations and reviews. The aim is to provide the information before the searcher asks.”

“For now, Bing will tap into as much publicly available data as possible from Facebook — and soon Twitter and other networks.”

“The redesign should not have an influence on Yahoo search results.

The redesign of Bing  “will not have a material impact on the algorithmic search results we provide to Yahoo Search.”


  1. BrianWick says

    Gosh – I am shocked – does this involve yet another rename from Live to Bing to ????.

    As the Google exec implied a few years back – they just dont get it

  2. Louise says

    @ FX said: “I like bing and it’s traffic”

    Domainers with their fat attitude better just HOPE that the new hybrid devices running Windows 8 with its multiscreen ability will succeed, so that Bing gains. If you have ANY kind of issue with Google, that is.

  3. a says

    the first time i saw google-style advertising embedded into the “free version” of microsoft word i knew microsoft is history.

    but it will take them a long time to spend all their money. windows 8. windows 18. just give up.

    we can expect lots and lots of this ridiculous style of marketing. something new every week!

    the best they can do is copy google.


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