Quick Poll: How Many Unique New gTLD’s Will Be Applied For?

With ICANN’s announcement on Friday that 2,091 applications have been submitted with another 214 pending awaiting payment, the question now becomes how many Unique applications will there be for new gTLD?

There are many strings which have publicly announced multiple applicants including .music and .eco.

Even a brand application could have multiple applications which would be if two or more brands having a matching trademark in the world apply.

Even a Geo could have multiple application.

The frequently used example is an application from Paris, France and one from Paris, Texas.

So the question is now of the total number of applications, how many will be unique; that is the only application for that string.

You can vote on the poll on the right or for bragging rights put your selection in the comment section below.



  1. says

    .INC is the only gTLD that Matters

    2,000 Applicants all playing Digital Archery for ONE string .INC

    At least three of the Applicants have over $10 Billion in Cash ready

    [Prediction: ICANN will pull most 3 letter strings out of the game – as Reserved]

  2. says

    “There will definitely be multiple applicants for .inc”

    For those not schooled in the way the I* Eco System works (thinks)

    Selected .INC Applicants will be pulled aside in a “Let’s be Adult About This” secret meeting. Then they will all agree to collectively launch .INC. :-)

    A cover story will of course be constructed about how .INC was “special”

  3. Michael H. Berkens says


    There are no reserved three letter strings.

    Some might be objected to as being confusing to an existing string, others might be objected to by TM or other rights holders

  4. Duane Higgins says

    I have been maintaining for the past few weeks that the last minute filings will accelerate (mainly by corporations) due to a prevailing “better late than missing this boat this time around” when it comes to missing out on the maybe the event of a lifetime for the Internet. I wouldnt be surprised to see 3000 unique.

  5. Michael H. Berkens says


    Except that if you don’t have your TAS access by now you won’t be able to apply

  6. Duane Higgins says

    I must have misunderstood that they were going to reopen the application period for another week or so. If not-my bad.

  7. Michael H. Berkens says


    They are going to re-open the TAS system for 5 days but only for those that are in it already

  8. Purple Planet says


    A. Every single one of them.
    B. All that were submitted on a day ending in the letter “Y”.
    C. The product of 100,000,000 x 0.
    D. The total of 100+200-300.

  9. says

    “They are going to re-open the TAS system”

    THEY will do as THEY Please
    THEY do not give refunds
    THEY make sure their cronies benefit, along with them
    THEY have been at it since high-school (over 40 years ?)

    Do people really need 10 more years of watching them to see the pattern ?

  10. comment says

    i have a suggestion for the dot whatever dreamers (music, eco, etc): you give me the number of your dns server(s) that will deliver the ip addresses for the host names that allow me to access all your amazing content, and i will check it out.

    i don’t need icann’t approval, and neither do you.

    and i have a question for our resident I* conspiracy theorist:

    what makes your cpe dns better than icann’s regime? it sounds like the user isn’t going to have much control. it sounds like they won’t even be able to change access their dns settings: in other words, complete manipulation of their internet navigation. is that true?

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