Breaking: ICANN 2,305 New gTLD Applications Received To Date; 2,091 Paid For

ICANN just announced tonight that when the TAS system was taken down there were 2,091 applications, either submitted or in progress.

In addition, there were 214 potential applications that were registered prior to the March 29th deadline, but whose payments have not yet been received or reconciled.

The total therefore should be 2,305  if payment is received for all applications to date.

Of course there may be additional applications submitted after the TAS system re-opens for the 5 day period.

For those that registered for the TAS system they could each submit 49 applications.

ICANN went on to say that it has received approximately USD $350 million in fees from new gTLDs applications

On re-opening the TAS ICANN said:

“”As we have reported, we are in the process of notifying applicants whether they were affected by the software glitch, and plan to complete this process on or before Tuesday, 8 May.”

“Shortly after that process is complete, we will announce the schedule for reopening TAS and completing the application period. Once the system is reopened, we will keep it open for at least five business days.””

With this information now disclosed we are closing down the poll we have been running on on how many new gTLD application will be submitted.

Surprisingly over 60% of all those who voted in the unscientific poll said there would be more than 5,000 applications submitted which is clearly wrong.


  1. Louise says

    @MHB said: “With this information now disclosed we are closing down the poll . . . ”

    It’s not over ’till it’s over. Why not wait until after the five-day period ends?

  2. Duane Higgins says

    I suspect your going to see significantly more than the 2,000 in the final tally this round. The application period is supposed to be open for another week or so when the security situation is cleared. It appears that (probably) many corporations decided after much consideration that they didn’t want to miss this round. As the next round is probobably going to be several years. I wouldnt be surprised to see close to 3000. Many firm are probably scrambling as we speak to get in. Thats just my guess.

  3. says

    Nice. I’m glad you forcast that dot com will increase in value, even though there are so many new options opening up. Google might adjust it’s search engine optimization algorithm to not give as much importance to .com domains! From my SEO research I believe they have already started, but I still need more tests.

  4. says

    With all this fresh money pouring into the internet, you’ve got to think development dollars will follow, followed by advertising (radio, tv, & web) that will point even more people to the web. This new gTLD program could inadvertently start a mini web-renaissance (think late-90’s, just a different flavor), which will be good for ALL domain extensions.

    I’m not risking $185,000 on a gTLD, but I say bring it on – I’m curious to see what happens.

  5. says

    I’m leaning toward what you just said Shock Poll. I think there is going to be some significant advertising dollars and competition in .tld promotions. All this will help raise awareness of alternate extensions.

  6. says

    Although the number of applications could reach upwards of 2500 in this batch (the first batch), but the actual New gTLD strings that are going to be approved right away might be around 250 (or 10% of the total number of applications). It might take as long as 5 to 7 years for ICANN to sort through the rest of the applications considering all the potential issues that could arise out of generic keyword and similar strings and the many objections and legal battles that they might have to deal with. (just my opinion)

  7. Gabriel C says

    I’m no expert in this field, very much new to it all; but it’s exciting to have new TLDs’ – alot of them just make sense and the marketability factor and branding potential. I dont know how long the following TLDs are going to stay online, but – I like extensions such as – .pro .jobs

  8. Duane Higgins says

    As the numbers of TLDs grow- you can see the revolution happening right before our eyes. Essentially what is happening is that in effect the TLDs will slowly replace the second level domains as THE prized property. In that the BIG battles will now be over the TLDs and establishing that presence or carving our that territory on the web. Not that second level domains (for example .coms) wont be important- they will continue to be so. However the market will determine the value of the new second level domains as they are attached to the new TLDs. Its the wild, wild west all over again. Saddle up.

  9. Michael H. Berkens says


    That poll is going up on Monday

    I was in the same range as well.

    My actual pick was 2,227

    (judi’s lucky number is 27 so I had to get it in somewhere)

  10. rk says

    I am not a fan of new gTLDs and have no plans to buy any of the new domains.
    I am a fan of dot-com (99% of the portfolio is .com).
    But I have made another kind of bet on new gTLDs.

    I am so glad that over 2000 new gTLD applications are filed.

    I can’t wait for the MEGA MESS to unfold and people/companies filing TM infringement cases in thousands under the new URS policy.

  11. domainguy says

    how could over 2000 people be so wrong and piss away 185K?
    how could google not take notice and adjust the search elements tweek their algorhythem?
    I would think the next step would be to monitor how many continue to renew their suffixs.
    there has to be signficatnt advertising behind this much money..there has to be more here than domainers think.

  12. Michael H. Berkens says


    Its not 2,000 people its around 1,200 people many filing multiple applications.

    I have met with many of these people and by in large they are VERY smart hugely successful people with a lot of money.

    Not to say such people are always right but when you see a lot of them going in one direction you might not want want to run in the other.

  13. says

    “how could over 2000 people be so wrong”?

    Are .SHEEP and .SHEEPLE confusingly similar ?

    “these people and by in large they are VERY smart hugely successful people with a lot of money”

    and the goal of the .GAME is to take as much of their money as possible – and send them a T-Shirt :-)

  14. Duane Higgins says

    Anyone not getting on this train is going to miss all of the stations from here on out. The Trademark Clearinghouse should take care of any trademark infringement concerns regarding the new TLDs.

  15. Pat says

    I think most of the companies and “smart” ppl mentioned above are only being proactive. That is: securing their own brand to avoid it taken by others (they have no other choice, do they?). Are they really gonna use it actively? I think that’s another thing. Based on my analysis it would take a long time (if ever) that the new TLD’s gonna replace .com’s. They may work as compliment though. At the end of the day, ICANN is the main gainer…I suggest we domainers remain focuses on our .com’s bec. at the end of the day it’s a number game (Google, etc and public will adjust accordingly).

  16. yes says

    i’m going to guess less than 1/2 are unique.

    another interesting poll might be what percentage are generics.

  17. Louise says

    The Association of National Advertisers recently called for an independent investigation of the ICANN application system. Beckstrom said ICANN hadn’t responded to the request, which can be pursued through ICANN’s multi-stakeholder process.

    – Internet domain name applications fall off grid

    ICANN’s a smoothie.

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