WOW: ICANN Now Pushes UPDATE On TAS & New gTLD Program Off Until April 27th

In a release by ICANN tonight they are now giving themselves until April 27th to give update on when the TAS system will even re-open and an a updated for the date of the “Big Reveal” where ICANN will announce who applied for what.

Also in tonight’s release is the information that once the TAS system re-opens it will reopen for “at least 5 days”, which is  more than the 3 day period previously announced.

Since we may not get an update until April 27th as to when the system may re-open for 5 days, those having reservations in London, Paris or Vegas for the Big Reveal currently scheduled for the at the of end of April of the beginning of May, well lets just say I hope you have a refundable ticket.

Here is the announcements:

“””We understand that the dates for the reopening and closing of the application system are important to new gTLD applicants.

“”As we have noted in previous updates, identifying which applicants may have been affected by the technical glitch, and determining who may have been able to see someone else’s data, require extensive analysis of a very large data set. This is a time-consuming task, but it is essential to ensure that all potentially affected applicants are accurately identified and notified.””

“”Until that process is complete, we are unable to provide a specific date for reopening the application system.””

“”In order to give all applicants notice and an opportunity to review and complete their applications, upon reopening the system we will keep it open for at least five business days.””

“”No later than 27 April 2012 we will provide an update on the reopening of the system and the publication of the applied-for new domain names.””

We regret the inconvenience that we know this has caused to new gTLD applicants. We continue to work to resolve it.


  1. Jp says

    I am the only person not shocked? ICANN can do whatever they want and everybody still pays them and they are not historically known for doing a good job.

    They could put it off a year and it wouldn’t hurt sales a bit.

  2. says

    They could put it off a year and it wouldn’t hurt sales a bit.()

    who cares…..maybe it is a marketing hype to get more attention

    oh wait, anybody see the latest news of dot co

  3. says

    Why shouldn’t everyone know what’s in these applications.

    If we consider the new gTLDs to be global public assets that are being given out to some private entities to manage, then people have the right to know what these applicants (and ICANN) are up to.

    They should call this the ” Transparency Bug ” .

  4. says

    12 hours left in the window and now a three week delay. Clearly they knew they could not possibly handle the load on the system in the last hours and applicants would not have been able to submit.

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