60% Of Domain Industry Thinks There Will Be Over 5,000 New gTLD Applications

We have been running a poll at TheDomains.com for 20 days asking “How Many New gTLD Applications Will Be Submitted?”

To date there have been almost 470 responses with 60% of theĀ  respondents picking over 5,000 application as their answer.

The next most selected answer is 2,500-3,000 which has 15% of the votes.

There are 8 other choices in the poll as low as 750-1,000.

The poll is unscientific and is opened to anyone to vote, once.

The poll will remain opened until the before the Big Reveal” which is currently still scheduled for around April 29th, but since the TAS system hasn’t been re-opened nor has a firm date for the re-opening been announced the “Big Reveal” date is very much up in the air.

If you would like to vote in the poll it is on the main page down the right hand side of TheDomains.com.

You can also leave an exact number guess for bragging rights here.



  1. Sid Vicious says

    There is no such think as a “domain industry”. There are registrars, but the domain aftermarket does not meet the criteria to call itself an “industry”.

    Whatever word best illustrates a group of delusional, money wasting dreamers would be what I would label the “domain industry” as being.

    Most who read this blog couldn’t scrape up $10,000, even if they had a week to come up with it.

  2. says

    That is pretty ludicrous, even the lowest choice of 750 seems rather large.
    Or maybe I am just not aware on how many are actually being actively denied.

    All the same, it’s interesting that there could be 5,000 potential start ups waiting for their moment somewhere.

  3. Michael H. Berkens says


    There is indeed a “think” known as the adult industry, besides the registrars and registries that employee tens of thousands, there are domain investors like myself that make their living from domain names, not to mention all the IP Lawyers, brand protection companies ICANN staff and this new thing in which we know at least 832 company’s ponied up $185K each (probably 2,000 or more), putting $400 Million into play just to apply.

    Then there are public companies like QuinStreet, Marchex and Demand just to name a few that have business built around huge numbers of domain names

  4. Michael H. Berkens says


    If you read the original story you will see there were 839 applications into the TAS system each allowing 49 application to be placed so there are at least 839 applications, so that is why we started the poll at 750-1,000

  5. says

    How many will actually be approved and be released?
    I think the number will be closer to 0 than 5000.

    There are plenty of roadblocks in the way for ICANN…



  6. Industry Us says

    While insignificant and meaningless by any real measure there is indeed a domain industry. Then again any kind of economic activity can be labeled an industry. Betcha never thought to call slug catching an industry but indeed it is. Think of all those guys who put slugs on hooks as bait to catch fish.

  7. says

    final number at just over 2300. I think I was in the 3% here with a 2000 – 2500 vote.

    Next poll, how many uniques, duplicates?

  8. says

    Robert Clineee
    You seem prety sure of the end of the dot com replaced by the dot co.
    Little fuc…g problem my dear this is only a country code tld.
    Are you so excited to build your business in Bogotta???

  9. says

    According to you if there is 1000 to 5000 or 10 000 new extensions per year.
    If the more than 75 % are reconginzing the dot com as the reference : it will become a rare product… What happens to a rare product ? The price increase, furthermore with a cctld dot co you will have no right contrarily to a dot com (who has a right if taken before any trademark…)

    CONCLUSION : THe name space is not unlimited… what is limited is people ; tomorrow someone find a biological process to make bio genetic food would that mean we could dangerously increase the number of people on planet earth and say it is unlimited ? would anyone dare to say energies are unlimited? you see it is the same thing if you have 15 billion people on earth we cannot say we will have enough water for 100 billion people it is the same thing

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