Footloose Drinking Ban Comes To FL; ICANN Fails; GSA Pisses Your Tax $ Away & Hookers In Colombia?

I took a couple of days off to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary so I thought I would catch up on a few stories I wasn’t around to cover.

The “big” news is that ICANN once again pushed back the re-opening of the TAS system last night when it issued a statement telling the world that the system was fixed, being tested and ICANN would update us again on Friday on when the system would be re-opened.

They haven’t moved the “Big Revel” Date still set for around April 29th.

Originally  ICANN said they would publish the results 2 weeks after the application period closed so you would think they would have put the same big question mark on the revel date as they have the TAS system being reopened, but not as of yet.

Meantime there is a gathering still planned in Vegas around April 29th and in Paris on May 2nd.

Just going by the math someone is going to be sitting around for a while waiting for the list, but I guess if you have to sit around somewhere waiting, those aren’t too bad places to sit and wait.

The whole new gTLD program is complicated with a lot of moving parts, once again this does not give a lot of confidence to those who have committed hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars into the program already.

A couple of years ago ICANN held its winter meeting in the city of Cartagena Colombia, a beautiful city by the ocean.

Although there were a couple of reports of muggings and road blocks at the ICANN meeting,  the Secret Service seems to have had a slightly different experience.

The trouble all started reportedly when one of the 11 agents who allegedly engaged in hiring the services of a prostitute didn’t pay one of the young ladies causing her to go to the Colombian police to complain about getting stiffed (pun intended).

Apparently all involved where shocked that there are hookers in Colombia and they want to get paid.

Your government dollars hard at work.

Another government agency The GSA which is actually the agency charged with preventing government waste, through quite a party of its own.

The GSA spend about $850,000 partying it up in Vegas then went on to Hawaii, Guam and Saipan spending even more.

Your tax dollars at Work.

On a completely different note, but close to home here in South Florida a city by the  name of Weston went completely Footloose by permanently banning nightclubs, skating rinks, and dance halls because of “safety concerns”.

Your tax  dollars hard at work.

Weston hopefully budgeted a few bucks to defend lawsuits which will undoubtedly be brought by every nightclub, skating rink, and dance hall located within the city limits.

As for those who like to attend such den’s of inequities, South Beach is just a short ride down the road.

The big question is what will the Secret Service do with themselves if President Obama hold a fund raiser in Westin?

Anyway today in the US is tax day hope you had a good one.







  1. Steve M says

    Congrats to you both.

    In a nation of morally unjustified, throw-away marriages, it’s always nice to see another too-rate couple do the right thing and keep their vows … in good times and bad … in sickness and in health … ’till death do us part.

    Here’s to 25 more!

  2. says


    Congrats, Michael!

    You and your wife belong to a very exclusive club.

    My honey and I will be celebrating our 28th on Thursday…

    Hard to believe–doesn’t seem that long ago when we got married in the court house. And everyone said it wouldn’t last…hee, hee.

    Every marriage has its good and bad times, but the secret to marital longevity: mutual respect and love.

    We argue, but that’s okay. Whenever you get more than human being in the room, there are bound to be conflicts, but we try to stick to the issues and keep personal attacks at bay.

    And we LIKE each other as well.

    Here’s a toast to longevity!

    * *
    * *


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