Pool Launches Digital Archery Service To Help gTLD Applicant’s Get Batching Preference

Pool.com has a new product for those seeking an advantage in the batching process for new gTLD’s.

The service is called  Digital Archery Service and its get its name from the process ICANN announced a couple of weeks ago for batching the new gTLD applications.

The process as ICANN describes it, is very much like the process domainers are familiar with trying to catch dropping domains.

Time counts and fractions of a section can cause an applicant to be pushed into a later batch, possible adding a year or more on to its application.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that one of the oldest drop catchers in the business, Pool.com is launching a service to give gTLD applicants a better chance of getting into the top batch or the 50% highest of batched applications.

Similar to drop catching domains, Pool.com won’t charge for its service unless they are successful.

If your application falls within the top batch the fee is going to be $25K, if the application falls into the top 50% of all batched applications the fee will be $10,000.

If the application doesn’t make it into the top 50% of all batches then there is no fee.

Its certainly a reasonable price for those applicants who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their applications in, considering the batching of an application could make the difference in terms of a year or more for those applications to be approved and ultimately delegated.

Here is the information on this product as provided by Pool.com and look for an official announcement in the next day or two:




  1. says

    “Its certainly a reasonable price for those applicants who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars”

    Has anyone figured out where the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” are going in the ICANN Carnival.Games ?

    What will be a “resonable price” to be guaranteed a Bulls.EYE ? or BULLS.i ?

    Soon the games begin – Real.Soon.Now .RSN :-)

  2. Yoda says

    Fantasy Archery to me it sounds more like.

    The batch winners are the losers to be.

    The batch losers are the winners to be.

  3. Michael H. Berkens says


    not really

    there is an art to drop catching and there will be an art, an advantage to someone who knows something about getting a few seconds advantage over others

  4. says

    Our company has this domain name for auction on Sedo.com right now.


    Auction closes: (Apr/14/12 05:04 PM EST)

    “Digital Archery” is the beginning of a much larger trend of “skilled lottery” that will expand and take many forms past the ICANN usage. There will be apps, software, services and companies that are going to expand into many applications and uses. A new industry is born and someone is going to own the domain name.

    Best of luck,

    Duane Higgins, ceo
    Domain Ventures

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