Did Rick Schwartz Just Buy The Next Category Killer Domain For Under $4k?

Rick Schwartz may have just bought the next category killer domain name for under $4k within the last month.

This week the Internet has been buzzing about what is broadly called “Smart Glasses”

Google’s own smart glasses product has been the subject of hundreds or stories in this past week

Google’s smart glasses project has been referred to as Google Glasses or Project Glass.

Smart Glasses maybe wind up being the new broad term for a product like cell phones or tablets as there seem to be a lot of manufactures for this new product.

Although this past week has been full of news of Google’s product, there is are other manufactures including Apple, that have plans to roll out their own version of Smart Glasses products in the near future.

Yes the domain name SmartGlasses.com was sitting for the taking, on one of the registrar aftermarket products either NameMedia’s DLS or SedoMLS but either way Rick purchased the domain off of a Directnic.com feed for under $4k.

It’s great story because there is always a sense in the domaining world that the old guys wouldn’t have been successful if they didn’t start in the 1990’s.

TechCrunch published an article on the  topic the other day:

“”Apple should seek to capitalize on Google’s lack of hardware experience, and spend some of its cash reserves to lock up critical component manufacturers. Even if Project Glass ends up an ugly mess, Apple could still make eyeglass computing beautiful. This technology sure seems like the future, so Apple needs to be ready to pounce. But the problem remains that it has no social network or other key services to power its own version””

“Despite its lack of hardware experience, Google is the best positioned company to make, or at least provide the software for eyeglass computers.

Some other another old domainer just hand registered these domain names a couple of days ago:




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