Did Rick Schwartz Just Buy The Next Category Killer Domain For Under $4k?

Rick Schwartz may have just bought the next category killer domain name for under $4k within the last month.

This week the Internet has been buzzing about what is broadly called “Smart Glasses”

Google’s own smart glasses product has been the subject of hundreds or stories in this past week

Google’s smart glasses project has been referred to as Google Glasses or Project Glass.

Smart Glasses maybe wind up being the new broad term for a product like cell phones or tablets as there seem to be a lot of manufactures for this new product.

Although this past week has been full of news of Google’s product, there is are other manufactures including Apple, that have plans to roll out their own version of Smart Glasses products in the near future.

Yes the domain name SmartGlasses.com was sitting for the taking, on one of the registrar aftermarket products either NameMedia’s DLS or SedoMLS but either way Rick purchased the domain off of a Directnic.com feed for under $4k.

It’s great story because there is always a sense in the domaining world that the old guys wouldn’t have been successful if they didn’t start in the 1990’s.

TechCrunch published an article on the  topic the other day:

“”Apple should seek to capitalize on Google’s lack of hardware experience, and spend some of its cash reserves to lock up critical component manufacturers. Even if Project Glass ends up an ugly mess, Apple could still make eyeglass computing beautiful. This technology sure seems like the future, so Apple needs to be ready to pounce. But the problem remains that it has no social network or other key services to power its own version””

“Despite its lack of hardware experience, Google is the best positioned company to make, or at least provide the software for eyeglass computers.

Some other another old domainer just hand registered these domain names a couple of days ago:




  1. BrianWick says

    cant wait for the car accidents / new laws – h\and how the new laws can be enforced.

    See if the SmartSpecs.com is renewed in September ?

    A new twist on MyVision.com :)

  2. JamesD says

    It’s worth more than $4k as a brandable for a spectacles retailer.

    It’s no wonder that these sales platforms keep saying that names sell better with BIN pricing….what they can’t say though, is how much money is left on the table because of it.

  3. Prosper says

    what old-timer would ever pick up a worthless name like eyeglass computing names….oh what, that was you. Still so much opportunity.

  4. Alan says

    A year or two ago they called TeaParty dot com the next Multi million dollar name…………
    funny how these things pan out.

    In any case, I can’t see Google Glasses being used by the main stream, it will be in my opinion,
    a short lived novelty.

  5. BrianWick says

    Tea Party was propogated more by liberals (vs. members themselves) to label Hillary’s “vast right wing conspiracy”.

    The Point is that current event stuff has a limited shelf life – agreed where smart glasses (i.e. derived from smart phone presumably) will have a much longer shelf life.

  6. says

    SmartGlasses.com is a nice brand, but I expect more from a “category killer” domain. This is not even a category yet.


  7. says

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read such short-sighted comments.

    This technology is absolutely going to transform that way we interact with computers, data, and the Internet. And if you really don’t believe that – or that companies are in a major scramble to develop, design, and perfect smart glasses/lenses -, then you need to put down your XBox, walk away from your trailer park, and start spending those same eight hours a day reading technology blogs and article.

    Here’s a rule of thumb: If you don’t know what Graphene is, or have never heard of terms like Multiferroic, or Antiferromagnetism, you’re not reading enough. So, until you get up to speed, you should probably keep your ‘…this technology won’t catch-on’ opinions to yourself.

    I have no science training at all, yet I’ve made it a point to keep up with breakthrough technologies, and put my money where my mouth is.

  8. says

    It’s definitely worth the $4K gamble, however, I would like to point out that Google strikes out at least 10 times for each home run they hit.

    As for Gene’s comment about keeping up with breakthrough technologies, the same applies. Most will never materialize or are 50 years away. Some examples so far of that are nanotechnology, fiber optic computing, flying cars, quantum computing, etc, etc, etc…

  9. says

    Graphene will definitely be the next big thing for the near future in consumer products, materials in architecture buildings, aircraft, marine, medical technology etc…..

    A company in Australia submitted a trademark application for the word “Graphene” , it was refused by IP Australia. Because Graphene is a generic word, widely used by scientists.

  10. BrianWick says

    “Most will never materialize or are 50 years away”
    The flying car was first introduced nearly 60 years ago – and according to something I just read a few days back on money.com, there are now legit prototypes being marketed – very cool video infact.

    I would venture to say 50years ago something like smart glasses were thrown around or star trek or other scifi shows

  11. says

    “It’s been a long time since I’ve read such short-sighted comments.”

    I think it demonstrates something that is more prevalent in the majority of domainers and that is unfortunate. It is exactly what Mike talks about in the article.

    It’s called speculation and mining and it is certainly alive and well in domaining. That is why the old timers still hand register the domains that everyone says are gone. Every hand registered domain is speculative. $8 on Roulette except instead of 35-1 it could be 100,000 to one or more.

    I was out trying to hand register the domain. Ok, it was taken. But with a cheap price tag, I grabbed it. I have no idea who owned it. It was on privacy. Everyone had the same chance. But I was in the mines digging which is the way I do things.

    I hand register at least 1-2 domains EVERY single day of the week even tho the smarter guys know they are all gone. Most don’t pan out. Most may have a short shelf life. But then others like BuffetRule.com, $20 this week, make up for ones I get wrong.

    Mike just grabbed those domains he listed. $24. Those that laugh really are clueless and have a lot of nerve trying to pass themselves off as domainers.

    I guess those folks really could use some “Smart Glasses” lol

  12. Jp says

    It is absolutely amazing what can change in a lifetime. When my parents were kids there were no computers. When I was born there was no cellphone, we’ve all heard this before. You never know what to expect. I’m sticking to my space travel domain I reg’d a while back.

    Also anyone else notce if it aint the ‘i’ prefix it’s the word ‘eye’. All those crazy ‘eye’ instead of ‘i’ domain typoes just got more valuable.

  13. Jp says

    The problem with it by the way is voice control will never be accurate enough, especially not to walk around with it in front of our face. It’s an unsolvable problem, even talking to another human is faulty at times if they don’t hear you right, and very dependent on the person.

    Either way the fact that this is probably already existing in a prototype is amazing, and Rick’s domain at this moment in time is a hole in one, and still will probably be until the computers get implanted in our brains. $4k was totally worth it, just for most better to buy something for $4k that at the time of buying it seems like will have a ROI more soon because not everybody has stacks of $4k laying around. The naysayers sound jealous to me. We all make our own decisions on what we want to speculate on.

  14. Back in the real World says

    MHB Says –

    “It’s great story because there is always a sense in the domaining world that the old guys wouldn’t have been successful if they didn’t start in the 1990′s.”

    I dont agree with the sentiment of those that say people like Rick Schwartz and the rest of you coffin dodgers were at the right place at the right time, I think these people would have found success regardless of when they were born. However taking a $4,000 speculative punt on this domain is not something that Joe Blogs would be in a position to do 10 or 20 times a year and then hold for 4-5 years whilst they wait for that investment to MAYBE mature.

    MHB – Although I agree with the article and the notion of buying future trend domains, unless Mr Schwartz sells this domain in the next 12 months it doesnt really prove the point you were alluding to, even though I agree you are right.

  15. JamesD says

    Rick, can I just ask you, did the seller leave money on the table by following a BIN pricing model – you’re the guy who can answer this (although I know what your answer is)?

  16. BrianWick says

    dcmike77 – “I don’t wear glasses”

    Interesting – I don’t wear clothes
    Do you think anyone will notice if I am wearing smart glasses or just glasses or no glasses at all ?

    CheapestrGlasses.com – I think Rick owns or used to own Cheapest.com

  17. says

    It’s the games that are going to played on these that will amazing.
    The young are going to go crazy over this stuff.

    Augmentedclouds.com had reg a few months ago for gaming.

    But after looking even further into augmented glasses etc, we picked up a hand reg called HeadGlasses.com just minutes ago.

    The combo of head, smart or anything with glasses makes sense with augmented reality. Who cares if it takes 5 years to come about.


  18. says

    Talk about mixed signals, I mean if a girl is looking straight at you for 5 minutes but in fact is reading an email, personally Id be gutted so I probably end up destroying her with a laser beam.

  19. BrianWick says

    Unbelievable – 3DSmartGlasses.co is still available for R.cOBERT .CoLINE

    The Point is – do not going blowing a bunch of dough of 2nd and 3rd teir garbage – the speculation starts and stops SmartGlasses.com – everything else is better spent at the movie theater

  20. says

    ” the speculation starts and stops SmartGlasses.com”

    I disagree, did the world of domaining stop at – Tablet.com , Smartphones.com , Cellphones.com ?

    Plenty of good sales with those keywords in everywhere in every extension.

  21. jealous says

    You guys have too much time on your hand and bashing rick

    Point of this story is that’s there opportunity each day.
    Keep on rattling along. Don’t be jealous. I’m buying drops when your posting here.

    Congratulations rick.


    Proud late domainer

  22. BrianWick says

    I have owned as many as 25,000 domains – now I have less than 6,000 – believe me I did not sell the vast vast majority because they were mistakes where I was chasing something – just like what is being promoted on this thread.

    Rick went right for the juggular – everything else is just a plastic knife.

  23. DR.DOMAIN says

    The category has a future.I just think the “label” the industry chooses will involve a suffix that speaks to “immersion”. Something “—MERSIVE”. That’s where I’m placing my bet(s) based just on what I’ve read here.

  24. says

    BrianWick–you are so right..it is all hype and people always reg what on the thread.

    I and you all too should read “BullS’ before you reg a domain.

    Save you time,money and tears.

    have a good Easter and go suck an Egg

  25. Louise says

    Lol BuffetRule.com – Did someone say, “food?”

    Excellent job, @ Rick Schwartz: SmartGlasses.com

  26. says


    how many of the 19,000 you dropped were actual sales ?

    It sounds like you were losing a lot on renewal fees so decided to cut your losses early rather than later.

    This is the unfortunate situation I have been saying about .com debacle.

  27. Dean says

    ooooohhh noo, not the dreaded “hand registered” domain. Don’t people know by now that hand registering domains is for fools. “All the good domains were taken years ago” only an idiot would hand register a domain. At least that is what 99% of the domain blogs would lead you to believe. LMAO…

  28. Dean says

    Wtf is a “hand registered” domain anyways? Did all the great names just fall into the early domainer’s laps? Did they just magically appear one day? Did not every domain under the sun start it’s humble journey as a “hand registered” domain. It’s a moot point is it not? There is still plenty of gold to be mined, only an idiot or someone who does not know better will tell you otherwise.

  29. RK says

    I think Rick has done a great deal by paying $4k for smart glasses.

    I will offer $5k to him and will close in a week.

    I am willing to send payment first and then Rick can transfer the domain after he gets the payment. I believe smartglasses.com is a great domain.

    I have myself collected 16 domains related to this field of Augmented Reality Computing such as EyeComputing.com, ConputingEyeglasses.com, FreeSmartGlasses.com, TheSmartGlasses.com SupperGoggle.com, SuperGoggles.com etc etc.

    It is a 5 year play imo.

    We will see…..but 16 names at registration fee is a gamble I can afford.


  30. Rich says

    Either I’m getting better at buying domains or there’s a lot more .com domains available now then 3yrs ago.

    Some one tell me!

    There is plenty of gold still left.

  31. says

    With a steady spike in home and bio-sensor use, and the “internet of things” putting sensors everywhere my ‘category killer’ money is on SensorGlasses.com -that I got for reg fee 2 years ago, along with SensorGoggles.com

    This technology is just around the corner as it really just moves the mobile phone screen into eyeglasses and goggles to deliver a safer ‘heads-up’, see-through, experience. The goggles actually hit the market in 2011.

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