UPDATED: Quick Poll: How Many New gTLD Applications Will Be Submitted? 44,100 is Possible

Now that ICANN updated the number of paid users to the TAS system to 839, with several days remaining its probably fair to say there will be at least 900 users by the time final figures are remaining.

We know that each user can submit 49 applications, making it possible if the final number of users is 900, there could be 44,100 applications if each registered user put in the max number of applications.

However we know that’s not going to happen.

So we have now updated the poll that we have been running by removing all choices 750 apps or under, as those are clearly wrong.

Sorry to the 16 people that choice 750 or under.

We also added some choices at the higher end all the way up to 5K apps.




  1. Back in the real World says

    I am going to register Facebook in all of the 44,100 right of the dots just to annoy zuckerberg.

  2. Back in the real World says

    Unfortunately Robert from a domainer point of view what will be forgotten is .Co

    Prospect: Why should I pay a premium for your .Co domain when I can get the same keyword in my industry specific or Geo right of the dot for reg fee?

    You: Errrrrr it looks pretty……..

    .Com owner: Instant Credibility, SEO benefits, no leakage, resale value and on and on.

    Thats reality, back in the real world.

  3. NotTheRealBobCline.cc says

    Cline, .co had a nice run, a number of domainers did really well with it but we all need to accept that the excitement has waned significantly and it will be difficult to reignite that enthusiasm. It’s no longer the hot new extension, the buzz now is about what’s to come. It appears that most have moved on from .co, in particular the big domainers that got in early.

    Do you really see any serious end user adoption aside from domains like the single letters being transferred by the registry?

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