Just Covers .Co & Juan Calle: There Are 1.3 Million .Co Domains Registered just published a story on the .Co registry and Its CEO Juan Calle.

The Story entitled: “CO Internet is a company cool enough for Brooklyn hipsters” was written by Paul Sloan who has written about the domain name industry before.

The article starts out:

“Suddenly, the outfit behind the .co domain is everywhere, even if many people barely notice. It’s all part of Juan Diego Calle’s shrewd strategy”.

“”If you haven’t heard of Juan Diego Calle’s company quite yet, consider yourself not among the in-the-know here over the last few days.

“I’m referring to .CO Internet, the Miami company that fought hard to land a contract with the government of Colombia so it could commercialize the country’s top-level-domain, or TLD.””

The article goes on to say:

“Since .Co’s rolled out to the public in July 2010, about 1.3 million have been registered. ”

“”Diego Calle said the company’s revenue for the past 12 months is about $25 million, which is an impressive number when you consider he the names have only been available since for a year and half.”

Its a great article for .Co which is certainly making a huge splash at the SXSW Show.



  1. Johnnie says

    “Owen frager

    This Robert Cline(ee) is an imposter”

    That’s not true. The person that just posted before me under Robert Cline, just talked about his previous post with links to his sites being down, posted under Robert Clineee. Doesn’t really matter.

    That CNET article:

    “The one black eye on .CO Internet’s resume came when Overstock, which paid $350,000 for and rebranded the businesses, decided to retreat to–an effort that hurt .co’s image but that Calle blames on’s marketing missteps.”

    Marketing misstep is laughable. Again, what’s been pointed out many times already. This is really basic stuff. When you run a business, even 1 lost customer isn’t good. Confusion isn’t good. So knowing that, 61% is what? It’s a mess. That’s some of the first numbers we have. And people want to pretend it doesn’t exist, mainly people with a lot of .co in their portfolio.

    It’s too close to the .com, there is no getting around that, it’s always going to be a problem. Marketing won’t fix it.

  2. says


    “It’s too close to the .com, there is no getting around that, it’s always going to be a problem. Marketing won’t fix it.”

    .com is America’s unofficial ccTLD, no wonder 99% of those repeating the same thing about the .co “bleeding to the .com” are Americans. But, beyond 300 million Americans, there are still 6.7 billion people who have not these mistyping issues.

  3. Johnnie says

    Joe, you seem to forget that even tho “.com is America’s unofficial ccTLD” and the biggest extension on the planet, other countries have their own, .de, etc.

    I’m sure .co will have a better chance in Columbia.

  4. says


    Exactly, other countries have their own ccTLDs which are pretty different from .co, so you have not the mistyping problem that is due to the similarity between the two extensions (take .de and .co for example).

  5. says

    @yes Estimating web development from zonefiles is not really possible. The only way to do it is to survey websites, process the data and analyse that data. The processing and analysis are the expensive parts. I was running monthly web surveys of approximately 700K .CO domains that are tracked by the databases here and I published the results from the August 2011 .CO survey which covered 558,066 responding websites:

    Web Type — Websites — % Websites
    Active/unclassified: 67,976 – 12.1572%
    Brand Protection: 10,429 – 1.8652%
    Possibly Compromised: 32 – 0.0057%
    In Page Redirect: 2,773 – 0.4959%
    External TLD Redirects: 40,615 – 7.2638%
    Forbidden/ Not Found: 6701 – 1.1984%
    Holding Page: 67,943 – 12.1513%
    Internal Site Redirect: 18,438 – 3.2975%
    Expired Domain: 73,111 — 13.0755%
    Premium Reserved: 3,409 – 0.6097%
    Exact Match External TLD Redirect: 18,715 – 3.3471%
    Duplicate Content: 233 – 0.0417%
    PPC Parked: 227,727 — 40.7279%
    Uncategorised Redirects: 1,091 – 0.1951%
    For Sale/Rent: 5,483 – 0.9806%
    Unavailable: 854 – 0.1527%
    Adult (generic): 116 — 0.0207%
    Redirect to .co sites: 13,497 – 2.4139%

    While it is not a full zone survey, the number of sites surveyed provides a very good sample. The process I developed is quite different from the minimal samples (about 5k sites) and manual guessing approach used by some registries as it is designed for rapid search engine index constuction. I run a survey of approximately 350K tracked Irish domains and websites each month and run less frequent surveys on larger TLDs. The last major web survey was a .EU ccTLD survey of approximately 2.3 million domains with just under 2 million websites. I’ve a .UK ccTLD survey planned for the next few weeks which should cover just over 4 million domains.

    Based on the results of the August 20122 web survey .CO ccTLD is largely undeveloped and many of its domains point to PPC and holding pages. This is a classic pre-landrush anniversary pattern that most new TLDs display. However the interesting trends are in the brand protection registrations combined with the external TLD redirects. The external TLD redirects are often small businesses registering their brands or keywords and pointing them to their main website. They accounted for 10.61%. Defensive registrations aren’t limited to the big brands. High profile brands often use specialist registrars and nameservers for their ccTLD registrations. But the small businesses often just register the version of their main brand domain and point it to their main website.

    The level of development was low but this is to be expected in a new TLD that was effectively in its first year of operation. The development level in the more established Colombian section ( etc) of the TLD may be higher.

    The higher price of the .CO registrations may have cut down on some speculation but the theory of a higher registration fee driving development is a common one. The .CO registry has been pushing development and not relying on just domainers for the momentum. Domaining is part of a successful TLD ecology but you cannot have a successful TLD ecology without development.

    I have some notes on building a .CO search engine which would, if I got the time to build it, provide some better insights into the depth and complexity of the .CO web.

  6. yes says

    @mccormac thank you for clarifying what you;ve done and for sharing your work. i would be curious to read your notes about search engine index construction.

  7. says

    I just don’t understand people using the words: “never” or “always” with such a certainty. I mean how can you tell or predict the future? As for now there are 2 things “certain”:
    1. there is a need for an alternative to .com’s to be developed
    2. .co is just an infant -> give it time to grow and to be known by people!

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