Did Google Just Buy Chrome.com?

Chrome.com is owned by DealerTrack, Inc. which sent out an email to its customers notifying them that as of  September 1, 2012 they will stop using the domain name Chrome.com

The domain name Chrome.com currently forwards to the site ChromeData.com.

However all the email addresses listed on the contact page end in Chrome.com

According to the email that went out today, the domain name Chrome.com is being “retired” on September 1, 2012.

It would be highly unusually for a company to change its domain name, to go with a longer domain without an exit already in place.

The most likely buyer of course would be Google.com

We have reached out to the company for a response.

The domain is still as of publication registered to DealerTrack, Inc.

Hat tip to our good friends at MediaOptions.com


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  1. says

    I’m sure that had a hefty price tag associated with hit. I’d lean towards Google too (for obvious reasons). Chrome is now on the up and the latest versions have been solid builds. Firefox went downhill as soon as they started pushing out weekly versions. And IE is, well, IE.

  2. LS Morgan says

    Bulletproofing the stand-alone aspects of their individual products, in preparation for the anti-trust breakup.

  3. Bill says

    I work with the folks at chrome.com. They’ve changed their strategy after the dealertrack acquisition and have been changing their identity for some time. This isn’t news, but it wouldn’t be a shocker to see them sell the domain to google as it’s useless in the big picture for dealertrack.

  4. says

    Google may well be the buyer, but this is a great
    generic and has a variety of uses.

    I can only imagine the high traffic the name must
    get due to G’s browser!

  5. says

    Wow!! I think that what I have is incredible. You discovered something very unique on the internet at about the same time that I found out too. Only I have been working on a project to collect all the screen shots of web pages out there that only have one word. Any ways I collected the original chrome.com web page before goolgle changed the domain name. This in icredible really to be able to track the changes as a major company buys the domain and rebrands the existing company to may be phase them out?

    If youd like to take a look at the screen shot I have here is the link. http://www.insertwordhere.com/2012/04/wwwchromecom.html

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