First 7 Figure .TV Domain Name Sale To Be Reported “Within A Week To A Fortune 500 Company”??

According to a comment left on on our post about Verisign’s renewal of the .TV contract, the first seven figure domain name is going to be reported to “within a week”

The commentator goes on to say that the .TV domain name sale is in escrow and is being purchased by a Fortune 500 Company.

“”First 7-figure .tv sale to be reported to DnJournal within one week”

“”Just waiting for payment to escrow acct.”

“”Buyer is fortune 500 corp., domain is two word financial term”

“That’s all for now”

It would certainly be great news for .TV investors actually all domainers if this sale does in fact go through and if it gets reported.

Over the years we have heard about six figure .TV domain name sales but all have been under NDA’s.

If in fact a Fortune 500 company is the buyer of the domain name, its truly huge news.




  1. First 8 figure .tv sale to be reported soon says

    I just need to get out of the asylum and contact the Nigerians interested in the name. Can only say it contains letters.

  2. Gabriele says

    I read your blog often…i found it on You write very interesting articles. My favorites are the Sedo and Afternick saleslist.
    Have a nice Sunday and greetings from Berlin

  3. First 8 figure .tv sale to be reported soon says

    A Fortune 500 company doing a 7 figure deal and just doing it through ? hahaha you domainers funny

  4. Bob says

    Firstly let me say, i do like .tv, ok done, now let me say why on earth would anyone feel a domain blog comments section was the best place to let people know about a 7 figure deal that is not yet concluded??
    a huge pile of stinking poo imo.

  5. JohnAnthony says

    I call BS!!!


    7 figures for a 2 word .TV?



    LOLASAURUSREX !!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111

  6. says

    A “To be Announced” Fortune 500 company (TBA TV) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which TBA TV has acquired the domain “TBA”.tv (also to be announced) from privately held Don’t Believe You, a leading intellectual property holding company, for seven figures in cash and stock. The agreement has been approved by the boards of directors of both TBA TV and Don’t Believe You Group with an official launch for the new website in April of 2012.

    The acquisition will increase TBA TV’s worldwide visibility throughout the entire private finance sector and will allow it to begin delivering a proprietary medium for financial mergers and acquisition. Through the integration of its patented Finance-Connect Bid System, TBA TV will deliver the industry’s most efficient platform for financial transactions over TV.

    By the end of 2012, it is expected that will be generating over 250,000 unique visitors per month from over 52 countries worldwide and will serve as the destination website for financiers, the monied jetset, Bankers who prefer to live life without limitations creating debt for the poor and living of their leverage.

    “TBA”.TV is a phenomenal asset and when integrated with our proprietary technology (which allows financiers to compete directly for your money), it will help us revolutionize the super luxury segment of financial monetary volume shifting,” said TBA TV CEO Kenny Starryeyes. “Together both assets will create the future of real-time financial transactions which will let people can easily stay connected to banks, credit unions and estate trust funds anywhere in the world in the most efficient manner possible.”

    “TBA”.TV will provide 24/7 in depth coverage of everything related to the ultra high net worth lifestyle and will entertain and fascinate thousands of financiers all around the world with its daily editorials, breaking news and luxury lifestyle Specials. “’TBA’.tv is the one and only place you need to go to for everything finance,” said co-founder Randy Da Coastal. “By developing our proprietary social and debt bidding platforms, we have created synergy where there was none. Clients flock to our portal in droves and as a direct result of that, financiers, debt creators and ther rich estate planners are clamoring to be a part of it all. This is how you revolutionize a product,” Da Coastal said.

    “After many five and six figure offers for “TBA”.TV, it took the vision and experience that Kenny Starreyes brings to the table to convince myself and our board of directors to more forward with the disposition of this asset,” said Dont Believe You CEO Louise Dave. “Together, we will be able to accelerate defragmenting an industry that is ripe for new technological efficiencies, that will allow a more streamlined process for finance,” Dave said.

    “Louise Dave has a great track record as a leader and an expert in developing, monetizing and liquefying intellectual property assets, so when we had the chance to have him remain involved with the company and its management team, we felt that his insights would be simply invaluable to Nations,” Starreyes said.

    Plans are already under way to create a universal media solution, which will include a TV Magazine, Worldwide Lifestyle Events and a vast array of strategic partnerships, that will help “TBA”.tv be recognized as the world wide leader both online and offline.

    And coming this Spring, “TBA”.tv will launch its exclusive “TBA”.tV “White Card” that will provide its members with a vast array of exclusive offers never seen before within the ultra luxury finance segment. To learn more, visit Google and type in “bullshit”.

    About TBA Fortune 500 company (TBA TV)
    TBA TV is an aggregator of business models that service the finance consumer. By rolling everything into one unit, the group has managed to do what few others have done in the industry and that is to create a truly seamless end-to-end experience for the consumer. At a lower entry point to other TV Finance programs, the TBA TV group’s “Carbon Fiber is the New Black” concept, (an actual carbon fiber all access card to Financial Trading at cost) has completely eliminated broker fees and other superfluous surcharges for members. “The goal is to build relationships,” said Starryeyess, “and the way to do that is to be completely transparent. Or invisible. Or Totally Made up!”

    With “TBA”.TV being its biggest acquisition to date, TBA TV is poised to become the biggest player in the world of television finance while simultaneously opening the door to a host of previously disconnected offerings such as exclusive private destination club access with its members club.

    About Don’t Believe You Media
    Don’t Believe You Media is a privately held Internet Monetization company that owns and operates over 4,000 intellectual property assets throughout 47 unique verticals. These assets include domain names, technology patents, trademarks, copyrights, telephonic properties and exclusive licensing rights to many high value intellectual properties.

    Dont Believe You Media specializes in leveraging assets that can be developed to create future liquidity events, which often times create perpetual revenue streams.

    With multiple liquidity events already realized in both 2011 and 2012, Dont Believe You Media is poised for a record year for both new transactions and legacy deals coming to monetary fruition.

  7. says

    If true, any guesses? Mortgage Rates, Mutual Funds, Save Money, Auto Insurance, Insurance Rates, Life Insurance?

    I don’t see the sale price being so far fetched if it’s a good call to action domain in the financial industry, and the company uses it to advertise on tv and everywhere else.

    Many Fortune 500 companies are flush with cash right now, and again it may be a perfect fit for their marketing campaign. I guess we’ll see soon if it’s true.

  8. First 8 figure .tv sale to be reported soon says

    That was laughable and I love the cash and “Stock” wow this industry is just one big joke.

  9. says

    @ First 8 figure .tv sale to be reported soon
    Correct. I don’t believe any dotTV is going to sell for seven figures cash. Cash and stock, of course, but that could be any ratio.
    I would like to see dotTV, or any TLD for that matter, sell for seven, eight or nine figures. Present reality is a different story.

  10. Robert M says

    Imo a dot tv can be operated without a dot com

    which means i could easily see a dot tv domain selling for 7 figures

    eg why would HAVE TO HAVE ?

  11. says

    At least we know Verisign has a deal through 2021, hopefully not based on the Mayan Calendar. The lack of commitment and offshore legal rules were always the most risky part of dotTV for me.

    I just wonder when Microsoft will do something with or CBS with IF those haven’t become the principal sources of video content distribution to the world by now, and Hollywood is making original programming for YouTube and Yahoo instead, what hope is there for .TV except maybe Apple.TV which will change TV which was always the second most risky part of dotTV investing for me.

  12. Robert M says

    If it turns out the .com owner wanted 8 or 9 figures ya never know

    I think this is a very valid point/consideration if the buyer is going to develop an online video site.

  13. Anne Jones says

    Are people worried about the tv registrar?

    Is this why Costello and others are skeptical about someone paying 7 figures for a .tv domain name?

    Which brings me to my next question..
    If a registrar failed in some shape or form, what would happen to the existing registrations?

    Does Verisign have a contingency plan?

  14. as seen on tv says

    so, the question is, assuming this is for real, who has

    the buyer?

    if not, whomever has it may be in for a nice windfall as the buyer pursues an aggressive marketing campaign trying to recoup their investment.

    vrsn is now paying 4-4.5MM/yr for .tv

    according to their 10k

  15. says

    Maybe some hope for my .tv names after all , blonde, bikinis, samples, rod, 3dtv, hd3d, dieters, if they dont sell i will develop them all over time, anything is possible in the world of domaining that’s why so many do it, i have streammoives because it suits the extension but i must admit there are some shockers in this extension, verisign have resigned for five more years , regards !

  16. LindaM says

    First a $30m domain sale rocks the domains news, and now this!

    Not bein funny but until escrow payment clears its more likely just some kid joking around, for the lulz.
    Pretty odd that unsupported or anonymous posts/press releases become headlines these days simply because they contain a number higher than commonly expected.
    If the sale turns out to be real then *awesome* congrats to both parties, if it turns out to be lulz then great one kid – you really got em lmaooo :)

  17. Aggro says

    One can always tell the following from these kinds of threads with PR stunts:

    – idiots
    – gullible
    – fools

    ”Just waiting for payment to escrow acct.” LOL

    Certain ‘old-timers’ commenting here should know better.
    I’m guessing Hartnett has been holding a bunch of crap even tho’ he was earlier than most..

    NEWBIES: don’t be the type of person who owns “gens” like these:


    Don’t be that chump.

    Oh – in before the idiots come in with their fantasy 6 figure offers for their .TV (they’re

    waiting for 7 figure offers) & “similar” domains asking for appraisals

  18. Cat Bag says

    Ok due to the enormous amount of pressure and doubt I will reveal the name!

    Remember the .com fetched 30 MILION!

  19. says

    I’m a huge fan of .tv and yes, low six figures offers happens for the best names.
    But I hardly doubt that any .tv can reach 7 figures in a near future.
    With this economy is hard to even find someone to pay that money for a premium .com

  20. says

    @ First, ha ha. That was very funny!

    It could be That thing was listed for sale; now it doesn’t resolve.

    That would be an excellent dot tv, ideal for real time charts and [financial] news streaming!

    7 figures wouldn’t be too high for a sale like that!

    Here is what the Google results USED to look like:

    I’m a genius. I know it. I know it. Sorry.

  21. Michael H. Berkens says

    Just got this update on a comment left on on the original post:

    “””at the 11th hour, they forced us to sign an NDA – sorry for the hype

    “”money has cleared escrow, $1.35mm (we picked up this domain for less than $2000, four years ago)

    good luck, all””

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