Neustar & National Small Business Association Team Up To Promote .Biz

According to a press release out today, Neustar, Inc., the operator of the .biz registry announced a partnership today with the National Small Business Association (NSBA) to  promote .Biz domains.

“Recent research by 1&1 Internet shows that many small businesses still don’t have a website”

“In today’s world, doing business online is a critical component of any small-business strategy,” said NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken. “We are pleased to be working with Neustar in connecting small businesses with .biz.”

“Recent research by 1&1 Internet shows that many small businesses still don’t have a website,” added Jim Rogers, vice president marketing, Neustar Enterprise Services. “In fact, 54 percent of businesses with fewer than 10 employees and annual revenues of less than a million dollars do not have a website. With recent studies showing that 85 percent of consumers use the Web before they buy, it is essential for small business owners to have an online presence. “

“According to 1&1 Internet, 80 percent of businesses with a website say that having one is “essential.” NSBA—an early adopter of the .biz domain—has partnered with Neustar to spread the word about both the importance of being online to boosts business growth, as well as thinking outside the box of traditional domains.”



  1. BrianWick says

    @George –
    “I am proud to own exactly zero .biz domain names”
    That take a lot of guts to admit to something huge like that.

    WOW :)

    Doesn’t it feel good to get that off your chest ?

  2. Bill says

    Is that the same Neustar that has squandered the potential of the .US ccTLD for almost ten years?

    Is that the same Neustar that promised on several occasions to promote the .US TLD which resulted in little or no evident action or increased exposure.

    Is that the same Neustar that came up with the failed idea with almost no takers?

    Yes – yes – and yes.

    Domains are just a small part of Neustar’s overall business and they historically treated them like an afterthought. The registry runs smoothly. But their domain marketing has been pathetic.

    If the US National Small Business Association wants to partner with Neustar, they should be focusing on the .US TLD for small businesses operating in the USA. How did they miss that?

  3. Louise says

    @ anon said: “These are not the people who should be entrusted with the United States ccTLD.”

    Why? Because Neustar actually conducts itself right?

    Biz is totally overlooked. It’s a great extension! I know this news will make one of the commenters here happy – a certain domainer with the initials, JS, except, he built on dot com.

    @ MHB,

    What is up with:


    They are available on DomainIt. Never saw them.

    Guess they are an expansion of the dot com. Naughty Verisign!

  4. says

    dot biz is a good namespace, logical. Over 2 million registrations and in use by sizeable number of companies. Lots of growth ahead with modest promotion.

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