Sold For $30 Million In What Maybe The Highest Priced Pure Domain Sale Ever

According to a Press release just out “”Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC (Nations) today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Nations has acquired the domain name, from privately held Don’t Look, a leading intellectual property holding company, for $30.18 million in cash and stock.””

The domain name appears to have been parked most recently according to, and therefore looks like a pure domain name sale. sold for $375,000 through in 2009

Here is the rest of the press release:

“”The agreement has been approved by the boards of directors of both Nations and Don’t Look Media Group with an official launch for the new website in April of 2012.””

“”The acquisition will increase Nation’s worldwide visibility throughout the entire private aviation sector and will allow it to begin delivering a proprietary medium for jet charter travel and acquisition. “”

“”Through the integration of its patented Jet-Connect Charter Bid System, Nations will deliver the industry’s most efficient platform for worldwide charter, aircraft acquisition and private jet sales.””

“”By the end of 2012, it is expected that will be generating over 250,000 unique visitors per month from over 52 countries worldwide and will serve as the destination website for Private Jet Travelers, Pilots, Aviation Brokers and Consumers who prefer to live life without limitations.””

“ is a phenomenal asset and when integrated with our proprietary technology (which allows charter operators to compete directly for your flight), it will help us revolutionize the super luxury segment of Private Jet transportation,” said Nations CEO Kenneth Starnes. “Together both assets will create the future of real-time private travel so people can easily stay connected to family, friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world in the most efficient manner possible.” will provide 24/7 in depth coverage of everything related to the ultra high net worth lifestyle and will entertain and fascinate thousands of private jet users all around the world with its daily editorials, breaking news and Private Jet Travel Specials. “ is the one and only place you need to go to for everything private jet,” said co-founder Randall Da Costa. “By developing our proprietary social and trip bidding platforms, we have created synergy where there was none. Clients flock to our portal in droves and as a direct result of that, jet charter operators, aircraft sales personnel and other luxury goods and service providers are clamoring to be a part of it all. This is how you revolutionize a product,” Da Costa said.

“After many seven and eight figure offers for, it took the vision and experience that Kenneth Starnes brings to the table to convince myself and our board of directors to more forward with the disposition of this asset,” said Dont Look CEO Louis David. “Together, we will be able to accelerate defragmenting an industry that is ripe for new technological efficiencies, that will allow a more streamlined process for Private Jet Travel,” David said.

“Louis David has a great track record as a leader and an expert in developing, monetizing and liquefying intellectual property assets, so when we had the chance to have him remain involved with the company and its management team, we felt that his insights would be simply invaluable to Nations,” Starnes said.

Plans are already under way to create a universal media solution, which will include a Private Jet Magazine, Worldwide Lifestyle Events and a vast array of strategic partnerships, that will help be recognized as the world wide leader both online and offline.

And coming this Spring, will launch its exclusive “Carte Blanche Card” that will provide its members with a vast array of exclusive offers never seen before within the ultra luxury segment. To learn more, visit and click “Carte Blanche”.””


  1. says

    I smell BS.

    There are suitable alternative domains for 1/100 to 1/1000th of the price.

    If a company actually paid $30M for this domain, it would really make me question their company. I would not want stock in this type of company.


  2. Michael H. Berkens says

    Seriously not every domain with the word “private” has now changed in value even if this sale is what they claim it is

  3. says

    “Seriously not every domain with the word “private” has now changed in value even if this sale is what they claim it is”

    Every sale results in people listing related (and normally worse) domains.

    People need to understand every sale is one of a kind.

    One isolated sale does not bring instant value to domains that are barely related.


  4. Joel says

    This sale could very well be legit. If the new owners plan to sell a product that costs $5-$50+ million to own — why should the category killer domain for that industry not sell for 8 figures?

    Right now, a 2011 Dassault Falcon will run you about $40-$50 million to own.

    Looks like the new company wants to become a lifestyle business for that consumer base, can you imagine the revenue stream opportunities within that target audience?

    Seems like a win/win deal for both parties, cash + stock. The domain could quickly and easily pay for itself with a well executed plan and the new owners are on the right path with going beyond just brokering/chartering and stepping into cultivating that audience by building a lifestyle brand around the domain.

    Disclaimer: I don’t know the players involved with, but I understand & cater to that same sector. Additionally, I would’ve loved to acquire that domain for cash+equity. It truly is an amazing domain. But knowing that a real enduser owns that organic traffic and the “brand”, has made them a more formidable competitor.


  5. GFY aggro says

    Your worthless opinion in every thread gets old. Day trading or poker ? What did you do has been or should I say who datdog who would go on amd on about how great his portfolio was how are your domain sales ?

  6. Dreamer says

    Absolutely hilarious
    For those of you who believe this I have some great swamp geo domains
    Unbelievable. Guess this blog is frequented by dreamers and nubes
    Pass the bong
    I wanna be where you are

  7. Garry says

    I think this is bullshit too. I also think I’ll register and I can surely get $20M for these super premium names. Ka ching ka ching.

  8. John says

    How is the stock in the private company being valued? The exact search numbers on this aren’t big at all. Purely a name sale in my opinion.

  9. a says

    so we can conclude the press releases on prweb are not fact-checked and can never be trusted without checking the source?

    it’s just far to easy to generate “bullshit press releases” in the internet age.

    i recall reading about some guy, just out of the military, who started a company to sell a book on the internet about how to create internet hype, primarily using press releases. of course he used the same methods in the book to hype the book itself and the company. he sold the company for over a million and retired.

  10. Michael H. Berkens says


    I did speak to the seller who said the the PR was accurate.

    Beyond that he would not furnish any details.

  11. Derek says

    Anyone who knows the seller, knows that he would never make something like this up. If you choose to be a disbeliever, so be it. Sales like this open doors for all.

  12. a says

    not to imply this is a “bullshit press release”. (though there are plenty to be found on prweb every day.)

    only to point out that it could be, and we have no way to verify that it is not.

    that hurts sellers.

    if a seller points a buyer to this sale as some sort of indication of domain name values, the buyer need only ask for a verification of the sale.

    when seller cannot provide one, the door shuts and the buyer becomes justified to ask for a lower price.

    no details, no dice.

    negotitation 101.

  13. L says

    When I was a little boy, I used to play ‘business’ and write out stock certificates on lined notebook paper (yes, I was an unusually smart little boy).

    I mostly tried to sell them to my parents or neighbors, who would chuckle and would give me a couple bucks for a 25% interest in a dishwashing enterprise, or a 10% stake in a kitchen trash removal service.

    One day, I made up a stock certificate for a “Lawnmowing Business” and offered 1/2 the company to my dad for $5. For some reason, he took a keener interest in this proposition than he usually did, asked me to clarify some terms and then promptly handed over the five spot.

    Under risk of losing my Apple IIe that had been pledged as a performance security, I spent the rest of that summer mowing lawns and trimming bushes for neighbors and wouldn’t you know, that bastard motherfucker took half of every dime I earned before letting me off the hook. He had to have made a couple hundred bucks there. In the process, taught me a ten million dollar lesson about ‘valuation’.

  14. says

    At first I was surprised at the price, however after trying to figure it all out, I can actually see why it’s worth that much to an end user. See, no one outside venture capital ever believed Facebook would be worth it’s current valuation. I actually remember a VC partner involved in Facebook go into deep detail why he thought Facebook would be worth many billions and that was back in early 2007 when I read his blog. Well, the rest is history, whether we agree with a Facebook IPO valuation of $100 billion or not, that is what it is.

    So, with regards to, I’d look at it this way as an investor with deep deep pockets… the world is now on the verge of great and massive instability because of the economy and geo-global events. We could also I hate to say be on the verge of a global war, I still refrain from saying WW3. I actually suspect there is going to be huge demand for private locomotion to get from a to b as things disrupt much further. I hear rich folks use helicopters to move around Sao Paulo for instance. So if you actually put 2 and 2 together, this deal makes perfect sense! Remember we are only the 99 percent and the 1 percent have obscene amounts of money and getting richer as i write this. There is more to this deal than what you see. Besides, Michael has also pointed out he spoke to the seller right? If I suggested gold would be worth circa $3000 to $7200 an ounce within 10 years, would you believe me? Read currency wars by James Rickards, a Wall Street Pedigree and Pentagon insider and make up your own minds.

    I just bought lol!

  15. Scott says

    I brokered the sale of this domain name in 2006. The buyer — turned seller — is a cut-above businessman who is perfectly capable of negotiating a top-shelf sale.

    However, tonight, after pausing to reflect upon a series of conversations he and I had about a year ago, observing that he is identified and quoted with a pseudonym in the news release, and knowing with certainty that several representations contained in the release are wildly overstated, it seems apparent that and its press representative are flying high without oxygen.

    I find it puzzling, as well, that the buyer would shell-out $30 million for this anchor domain name, then balk at investing another $500 to more institutionally announce the acquisition via PRNewswire or Businesswire.

    While I will reserve public comment on the reported $30-plus million cash/equity price tag, I’m pretty comfortable in observing that the news release doesn’t appear to pass the sniff test.

  16. Scott says

    … And then, there’s the company’s corporate offices, as displayed at It struck me as odd that Nations Luxury Transportation would operate from TWO prestige office towers in Atlanta, located less than 5 miles apart. A little digging reveals that both HQ addresses are virtual office executive suites. Oops, not exactly characteristic of a company likely — let alone able — to spring for an 8-figure domain name for a brand launch.

    Sniff … sniff … pffftttt.

  17. A says

    $30M for a name, but $0 for a professional website???

    Pure Fake!

    Stupid WordPress Site full of ads, which tries to generate traffic with a fake Press Release… nothing more.

  18. Back in the real World says

    L –

    Thats a great story, love it.

    To everyone else –

    I havent seen people be rude to each other on this site like now for a while. Its a bit pointless slagging each other off.

    On another note and back to the story at hand, if I was this company (who may or may not have the dough quoted here) I would have applied for .PrivateJet, given every airfield their geo their own address that I would run Miami.PrivateJet etc and given every client their own email address to correspond with MichaelBerkens.PrivateJet .

    Either that or I would have paid $20m and just bought the .Co 😉

  19. says

    If true this would place it as number one in the guinness world records for most expensive domain name in history, (publicly known that is).

    To note Gary Chernoff’s sitting on so I’d imagine this sales could be sweet news to him. 😉

  20. Michael H. Berkens says


    I was pretty surprised to see the registrar as well.

    I don’t run it or do anything for it, so had no idea.

  21. LS Morgan says


    AVAILABLE DOMAINS:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Kevin says

    @ Linton

    LOL so true. The dreamers are out in force no doubt.

    Anyone check to see how many “jet” domains have been reg’d so far.

  23. says

    @Eric without proof it won’t make DNJ.

    I can evaluate my private company however I want. I can say my shares are worth 29.9 million dollars and give that to you in the deal along with 100k in cash. It doesn’t mean $30 million dollars actually exchanged hands.

    It’s a PR stunt and it worked.

  24. David says

    I would not have paid that kind of money knowing that someone else has, which would have been a better marketing tool.

    Anyway, someone yesterday registered and it was’nt the buyer of

    Any thoughts on whether this is a UDRP waiting to happen?

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