Samsung Launches App Named After A Domain It Bought On Afternic For $17K in July;

Several publications are picking up the launch of Samsung’s App name “Chat on” which is available both on Android and as of today on the iPhone as well.

According to, “It means that Android and iPhone users can now text each other for free, since these “texts” go over your phone’s data connection.”

“ChatON is different from iMessage in a few key ways:”

“Unlike iMessage, which automatically works between iPhones inside your Messages app, ChatON is an app unto itself. Also, ChatON has a nice feature coming which enables you to chat with friends using only your web browser.” noted back in July of 2011 that Samsung bought the domain name for $17,000 saying that ” I’m a bit confused as to what this is for, but Google unveils some possibilities. ”

Here is another example where App developers continue to be a buyer for domain names.



  1. says

    it seems like the app market has created a whole new demand for domains.

    many have worried apps would replace websites, and lower the demand for domains but every successful app seems to want/need a domain brand. sure makes it easier to find the app when you advertise than trying to sort thru an app store.

  2. Aggro says

    @ 4oz

    Point is App makers for the most part want short 1 or 2 word BRANDABLES or HACKS

    For example use as a shortener

    All those schmucks like Bhanot & other “spray & pray” artists who own 10s of thousand or more of long tail generic domains, who reg’d 100’s of variations on, etc hoping to “corner the market” in that niche (but without owning the root terms itself won’t see any demand from App makers as long as they live

    All they can look forward to is being down the hole by $100,000+ or more (depending on # of domains held) at the start of every year

    The only certainty is they enrich the registries with recurring income


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