2 Days Loss From Transfers Out Of Godaddy.com: 37,000

On Thursday as you probably know by now, a poster on Reditt.com called for people to move their domain names away from Godaddy calling December 29th as the day to do so.

Yesterday Godaddy.com reversed it position in the early afternoon EST pulling its support for the SOPA Bill.

So the remaining question is how many domain names got transferred on Thursday and Friday.

We can tell you over 15,000 domain names were transferred from Godaddy.com on Thursday and over 21,000 were transferred away from Godaddy on Friday.

The numbers come from DailyChanges.com.

It should be noted that on Thursday more domains were transferred into Godaddy.com (17,000) than left the registrar.

On Friday although Godaddy.com lost 21,054 domain through transfers out to other registrars, they received 20,034 transfers into Godaddy.com from other registrars.

It should also be noted that for the three days prior to the call for the boycott on Thursday, Godaddy had this amount of transfers out:

that being Monday (8,800), Tuesday (13,000) and Wednesday (14,500).



  1. says

    Also to note, these are simply numbers based on one DNS (DomainControl.com) so if a domain that was transferred in or out with a DNS other than “domaincontrol.com” DailyChanges wouldn’t record that in the above stats.

    One interesting stat that I found (based on data from Webhosting.info) is the total loss over the past 30 days…. in the tune of 1 Million domains. This data is from 11/14/2011 to 12/19/2011. 37,841,094 down to 36,884,911.

    So the transfer out because of the SOPA deal really doesn’t mean a ton as much as the total loss over the past 30 days IMO. If my memory servers me correctly, I have not seen a loss like this for GoDaddy.

  2. Johnny Ringo says

    I have several thousand domains at GoDaddy and have Not transferrd any out recently… and don’t plan to. I like that they are financially strong & stable and their Executive Account Dept for larger portfolios and corps., gives good service and are avail “there” for personal assistance for many more hours of the day & weekends when compared to many other registrars. GD aint perfect, but they” get it” thsat the NET is 24/7 .

    With respect to the domain movement figures, it is somewhat important to note that GD enables customers to transfers out very quickly….. transfers out can be fully completed on same day as initiated…actually a domain can often be at receiving registrar within 1 hour (without any special requests to or assistance from tech support) ….this is due to the option given on customer interface of clicking a “quick accept” tab after transfer is initated and showing as pending…..that is one reason why many of these large transfer out stats hit the radar so early I believe.

    I just wonder what the new mega investors (KKR, Silver Lake ), who just invested a Billionish in GD equity, are thinking about this whole secnario….prolly wanna keep Bobby P & gang away fron the hunting rifle cabinet too.

    Perhaps they can earn it back from good Super Bowl commericals in 6 weeks

  3. JJ says

    Some thought GoDaddy reversed its position because of financials but truth is, they reversed their position because of of a new spineless management. With the previous elephant incident which was far more disturbing, Parsons stuck to his guns and life went on just fine. Now with these policy changes not they came across insincere, but they also lost that “leadership” and “tough guy” image Parsons worked so hard to build and maintain.

  4. Louise says

    @ MHB said: “On Thursday as you probably know by now, a poster on Reditt.com called for people to move their domain names away from Godaddy”

    because you put the word out there with your observation – thanx, @ MHB!!! Nice job!!!

  5. says

    It is never a good idea to change a company stands due to boycott threats. Because it never ends. Corporations are the biggest wimp because their sole purpose is to make a profit. I would not look to corporations for any moral leadership and you shouldn’t either. It is what it is.

  6. says

    I have chosen not to keep my business and political decisions separate. I don’t like SOPA and anything that it stands for but I will remain with GoDaddy as long as they provide me with the great support that I am used to receiving from them.

  7. says

    Though i agree Poor Uncle. The bottom line is that Godaddy is not supporting the bill in it’s current form.
    So that’s a lil win against SOPA.

  8. says

    Hi Jason

    it’s easy for me to speak out against sopa.
    i got all my domains with a european registrar and i do not have many .coms :)
    So i am sorta safe so to speak.

    But i can sorta understand not making a stand.
    I don’t justify it . But i can understand.. The patriot act is already a deal breaker . SOPA will only make it worse.

  9. says

    I’m moving from Godaddy, not because they suck, but because their company supports SOPA. This isn’t a matter where I can afford to keep my business and politics separate.

    SOPA will destroy all that makes the Internet the Internet.

    For years we hav eseen this type of move from lobbyists, pushing for one thing or another to put controls on the Internet.

    For those of you that don’t understand SOPA and the risks it poses to you and your personal AND business freedoms, I will simply ask you if you have read the bill?.. If not, please go do so, and then add the fact that the GOVERNMENT is going to be enforcing this. Who is going to be controlling that enforcement? Oh, yeah, the government. The same government that you “trust” with your social security, welfare programs, and healthcare. How’s that working out?

    It’s time to stop this bill, and those who support it. So, simply put, putting my money towards services where my beliefs of the internet are upheld, is a simple way of getting my point across. You can choose to stay at Godaddy, or you can choose to move… that’s what FREEDOM is all about… for now.

  10. Michael H. Berkens says


    1st of all happy holidays to you and your family

    Godaddy support of SOPA was 1st picked up by the media this week before it went largely unnoticed

    Regarding Webhosting.info the most recent info is for the week ending December 19th.

    I think that loss is related to issues other than SOPA.

  11. Louise says

    Death and Taxes Go Daddy loses over 37000 domains due to SOPA stance
    VentureBeat – ‎1 hour ago‎
    Hosting and domain registrar company Go Daddy has lost more than 37000 domains in the past two days due to the company’s wishy-washy stance on the Stop Online Piracy Act.
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  12. says

    I have hundreds of domains at GoDaddy and I’ve started researching other registrars in anticipation of a move. I’ve always been moderately happy with GoDaddy even though their interface was a bit slow, it was just never painful enough to convince me to switch.

    I’m getting ready to trial Namecheap. Anyone have any suggestions for a registrar that makes it easy to manage hundreds of domains? I really need something that cuts down on the labor of managing hundreds of domains by allowing me to tag changes to all or large portions of them in one action. I’ve had the opportunity over the years to use a few interfaces that were far inferior to GoDaddy’s DomainManager, I’m looking for the gem that is better.

  13. says

    Chat, I don’t have hundreds of domains, but I have a few dozen and I can make changes globally to all or a portion of my domains at Namecheap. Pushing a domain from my account into someone else’s free account is easy. The interface is very clean and intuitive, and Namecheap has provided stellar customer service. I’ve been with them for years. I assume you already know about the Namecheap coupon. 😉

  14. says

    I had been with godaddy for almost 12 years now. I had never look around for other options until now. Sexy girls in ad I have no issues with it. Killing elephants thats a big no for me but I managed to overcome it. But trying to mess with the limited freedom we still have left is to much.

    I had started moving domains out of GD until now adound 30% of my prtfolio is now at Namecheap 7% at Name.com and the remaining still at GD for now. I am connaudering moving a big chunk of .net domains to internetbs.net as the price is attractive. I will still keep around 50% at GD as I need to decide were I will end consolidating. And because GD has new managment I need to see what changes.

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