Herman Cain Is Surging In the Polls But He Didn’t Wrap Up His 999 Plan Domains: 999plan.com, 9-9-9plan.com

Herman Cain is absolutely surging in the polls and now leading the Republican Field based in large part to his 999 tax Plan.

While Mr. Cain is a hugely successful self-made businessman he still have could used a good domainer on his staff to lock up some valuable domain names essential to his campaign.

How essential?

Mr. Cain now seems to be completing with Bing.com to buy space under Google adwords for the term 999 plan.

If you do a search under Google for 999 plan the first advertiser is HermanCain.com who is paying on a pay per click basis for traffic based on his own plan.

The only other advertiser on Google for the keyword 999 plan is Bing.com.

Why is Bing.com advertising under the keyword “999 plan”?

That’s another topic for another post, but back to the domain names at hand.

999plan.com was registered on September 7th 2011 and is going to a parked page.

9-9-9plan.com was registered just days ago on October 12 and is also going to a parked page.

999plan.org was also registered just a little while back on September 26th and is going to a parked page while 9-9-9.org was registered in September as well and is not resolving.

Even 9-9-9.org was registered in just late September (also not resolving).


Mr. Cain doesn’t own it either.

It appears none of the 999plan domain names are owned or controlled by the candidate who authored the plan.

Any one of these domain, actually all of these domain names could have been registered by the candidate who named the plan, but he left the door open and is now paying on a Pay Per Click basis for search traffic for his own plan.

Not only on Google but Mr.Cain is paying for pay per click ads on Google, but he is also buying them on Bing.com for the search term “999 plan”. (this may answer why Bing.com is bidding for the traffic on the term on Google, think its called arbitrage)

Note to candidates:

If your going to center your candidacy around  a “plan”,  which you plan to speak about on a daily basis (pun intented) it maybe a good idea to register the .com domain (and the .org wouldn’t hurt) of the name of the plan before you chat about it on every talk and news station on earth, otherwise you might wind up paying on a PPC basis for the search traffic when people are looking for info on your own plan.

Or just go out an hire a domainer before hand to protect your interests.





  1. says

    “Herman Cain is absolutely surging in the polls and now leading the Republican Field”

    a good guy to have on the .PIZZA top level domain application…

    …he knows a lot about the brand GOD.FATHER

    He actually has an .MS in Computer Science from Purdue.University

    …Cain became a member of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 1992

  2. Louise says

    “Why is Bing.com advertising under the keyword “999 plan”?

    That’s another topic for another post, but back to the domain names at hand.”

    You’re funny.

  3. says

    This is a break down of person making $11.00 per hour which saves this person approx $646.73 per year under the 999 tax plan. Will save a company $1,706.64 yr which basically would free up enough that for a business that has 11 employees could hire 1 person without impacting their budget and adding additional expense. I challenge each employer to take an employees info and run the numbers. Employees, ask your employer what the company portions of the deductions are in your case and run the numbers. http://hermancaint-shirts.com/999-plan.htm please share and post.

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