Purchased On Afternic For $40K Weeks Ago Is The Latest Edition To The FunMobility Empire

We reported the sale of the domain name back just a few weeks ago on May 24 for $40K on

Today in a Press Release FunMobility, announced “the North American launch of FunChat™, the world’s first cross-platform chat, gaming and pranking smartphone app.”

“FunChat seamlessly blends chat, multiplayer HTML5 games, FunGold™ virtual currency, rewards, and achievements into one free application that allows iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users to play and interact together in real-time. FunChat also features the world’s first mobile pranking engine where users can push audio pranks to smartphones even if the phone is in standby mode.”

Funchat’s launch has already caught the eye of which wrote a story about the App, and the other products offered by the same company all starting with “fun” today:

“, the makers of  FunMail, a picture-messaging app that organically pairs your texts with appropriate (and fun) images, FunTones, a large collection of funny ringtones, and FunMe, a suite of tools for consumers to create, share, and post their own user-generated content, is clearly striving for a particular brand message. I think it has something to do with “fun”.”

So what was the domain name really worth to this company?

I would say a lot more than the $40K they paid for it.





  1. says

    It’s a significant upgrade from what they were previously using – – which they registered in August of last year.

  2. says

    It might have been worth more to them, but $40k is still a nice sale for this name. It’s not like it went for a couple hundred or couple thousand, like Zynga was able to do with some of their domain acquisitions.

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