Purchased For $190K In January Just Sold For $415,000

A blogger, Mike Jackness, has just written a post about how he just sold the domain name which he purchased in just January of this year for $190,000 for a whopping $415,000.

Since acquiring the domain, he turned down in a style that would make even the Domain King proud offers of $250K and $300K and $401,000 before agreeing to sell the domain for $415,000:

“Shortly after I purchased I received an offer of $250,000 for the domain. ”

“Then, about 2 weeks ago I was contacted by another guy looking to pickup this domain name; his offer was for $300,000. I had done a significant amount of work since the $250,000 offer, so I turned this down too.”

“I spent a couple hours figuring out what the right price would be; I came up with $415,000.”

“Once I came up with my price of $415,000 I communicated that to the guy who made the $300,000 offer. ”

“He responded with a counter offer of $401,000 within a couple hours, but I held my ground. ”

“I decided to just be straight with this guy. It was $415,000 or I wasn’t going to sell. Anyway, long story short, he accepted.”

Mr. Jackness even included a screen shot of his account showing the $415K sale.

A $190K purchase turned into a $415,000 sale in less than 6 months, certainly showed all of us “domainer” types how to do it.

We just got schooled

For the record Mr. Jackness describes himself as a:

“I’m an entrepreneur who specializes in the online affiliate industry.”

Guess he should add domainer to his description.



  1. Chris Robbins says

    It’s a great sale no matter how you look at it. That said, looks like the sale came with the website he built on the name so not a pure domain sale.

  2. says

    Wow… great numbers. He doubled his money… its very hard to do that in any other investment industry.

    Just my perspective.

  3. charles says

    value of a domain name is mostly looked at the traffic it generates and the possibility of a domainer buying it and looking to resell it for a profit or develop it. for an end user of the domain name their purpose is much different and thats the reason they pay top dollar. By recent sales like, suddenly names like seem to fetch 6-7figures.

  4. says

    Great flip and something that anyone else could have done if they had bought this domain in January. but kudos to Mike for actually doing it. I think these kind of opportunities are all around the domain world, though not always with this much money involved.

  5. Adam says

    Gotta love a fast flip like that . . . I know of a few others. You know it’s not often that they’re public like this . I got one on record. :)

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