Marchex Making The Most Of Its Parked Domain

With the one of the biggest event just day away, Marchex is making the most of one of its domain names,

The domain which is parked, has a countdown clock at the top to the start of the wedding, and has  a picture of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in the middle of the page.

The site even has a picture of Princess Diana’s ring which The Prince gave to Ms. Middleton.

The parked page is returning results for all things related to the royal wedding and to weddings in general and should covert quite well. should be getting some HUGE traffic this week as tens of millions will be watching the royal wedding from all over the world.

The domain according to Complete got 1,500 visitors a month but that was last month and Alexa is showing the domain name as being in the top 4M in terms of traffic.

Most networks in the US are hyping up their coverage the wedding which generally starts at 4AM EST on Friday.

If you want to see all the coverage the Royal Wedding is going to receive, the LA Times has a blog post dedicated to the subject.

Congrats to Marchex on making the most of a great and timely domain name.

Last week on Namejet a typo of Royal Family sold for $1,877.

The other domain which should get some nice traffic this week is which is going to a plain parked page at

The whois is showing the domain to be under privacy. also maybe for sale for as little as $995. is showing 2,265 visitors in the previous 31 days






  1. MHB says


    Don’t think that quick.

    The Monday talk and news shows will be talking about the weeking into next week

    There will be a lot of ads from companies selling stuff, keepsakes, coins and other merchandise for quite a while appearing after the wedding.

    and then there is the honeymoon

  2. Rob says

    I don’t think I would call putting a photo of Will and Kate and a countdown clock on a webpage ‘making the most’ out of the domain

    People going to the domain don’t want to find a wedding caterer or wedding photographer, they want information on the upcoming wedding OR, even better, a chance to buy some Royal Wedding related products – like a tshirt, towel, dishes, keychain, etc.

    Making the most of the domain would be adding a blog with updates leading up to the wedding, and selling related products either directly or through an affiliate program.

    What they have done to me is better than nothing, but still a low effort compared to the possibilities.

  3. Rob says

    I also think the domain will come in handy when Harry decides to get married, so it will have at least a second life.

  4. MHB says


    What your talking about is a site, with product sales, blogs, news etc.

    What I’m saying is as a parked page, they have done a good job

  5. Gazzip says

    I was round having a cup of tea with Her Maj last week and she told me she’d prefer to own the but its currently in use, she tried to reg the .co but to her horror that was also taken 😉

  6. Alan says

    Well hurry and use all of your royal domains because the day after Charles is crowned,
    England will become a republic.

  7. MHB says


    Doesn’t look like that domain is resolving but only has an Alexa Ranking of 16M and no Compete rannking

  8. BrianWick says

    Marchex also owns – I would advertising that on tyhe site – a longer shelf life – no one wants an over priced wedding !!!

  9. says

    Dumb marchex. They could have made a mini fortune selling or drop shipping wedding stuff, instead, they are counting pennies on clicks.
    Hardly what i call making the most of things.

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