Total Damage To Godaddy From Parsons Elephant Shooting? About 100,000 Domains

I’ve been tracking the weekly registrar report on Godaddy since the Parsons Elephant Shooting story broke on March 31.

According to it seems that the damage to has been minimal and also seem to have been short lived.

In all what I’m seeing is a loss of about 100,000 domains.

Weeks Gain Loss Net Gain/Loss
4/11/11 315,076 213,401 101,675
4/4/11 230,335 210,471 19,864
3/28/11 334,321 220,288 114,033
3/21/11 280,395 195,019 85,376
3/14/11 321,047 201,923 119,124
3/7/11 348,877 194,172 154,705
2/28/11 342,375 179,952 162,773

So as you can see from the chart on the week ending 4.4.11 Godaddy only gained 19,864 domains for the week about 100,000 less than the week before.

The next week, the one ending just days ago on 4.11.11, Godaddy net weekly gain was back up to over 100,000 domains.

Looking at the report, Gains are counted when domains get transferred into the registrar from other registrars plus any new registrations while losses are counted when a domain is  transferred to other registrar or a domain gets deleted for nonpayment.

Despite reports to the contrary, it does not seem at least according to the report, that there was a mass transfer out of domains to other registrars.

You can see the transfer out report here

We will keep a eye on these weekly reports to see if there is any long term effects from the incident but for now it seems there was a one week dip and its back to business as usual at



  1. LS Morgan says

    The average ‘per-customer value’ at Godaddy is probably pretty low.

    Still, the value of those 100,000 out-transfers is more than just the annual profit margin on the domains themselves. Remember, GD is the “everyman” registrar and makes a pile of cash upselling eJunk and web services to laypeople. Whoever bailed because Bob shot an Elephant also took with them whatever they were paying for their “Website Tonight” or their hosting, or their full retail rate “auto renew”… and that’s just on the front side. There are untold numbers of people who will need domains and web services in the future, but won’t go to GD because of this.

    Dumbogate wasn’t ever something that was going to put GD out of business, but if you add up the aggregate loss from here forward, his going public with the hunt probably cost him a million or two.

    Still, I’d definitely get drunk with Bob Parsons…

  2. BrianWick says

    Thru domaintools or your other sources – what were the numbers from other larger registrars like netsol, and eNom during that same time frame.

  3. Donny says

    Title- The 5 million dollar elephant.

    The average elephant weights around 15,000 lbs. Females may weight more if they are pregnant.

    So the value of this elephant is about 50.00 per pound in meat based upon him shooting the elephant which was not armed with a gun. It is only fair if the other animal is armed then it becomes a great reality show.

    100,000 domain names is about 750,000 grand. This does not include future renewals, hosting, ssl and all the bs they will lose for those renewing.

    This also does not include what he will lose in the next 6 -12 months. Most people will wait to move until domains finish out renewal.

    My guess is around 5 million in lost sales.

    So if the elephant ends up losing 5 million for the company that elephants meat is worth 1,000 per pound.

    An old saying goes when mistakes have been made others are to blame. I think this time that saying will not apply. This time they shot themselves in foot.

    Donny M

  4. Gazzip says

    “..My guess is around 5 million in lost sales.

    So if the elephant ends up losing 5 million for the company that elephants meat is worth 1,000 per pound. ”

    Imagine how may people Elmer Bob Fudd the Great White Hunter could have fed with that amount of money….. hell, he could have flew all the villages to Paris for a BigMac with Double Fries and a shake and still have enough change left over for about 7,847 Goats, 3,387 Pigs, 820 cows, 627 chickens and enough grain and clean drinking water to last them all at least a couple of decades …approximately that is.

    But nah, he’d rather trophy hunt and look really cool instead

  5. says

    it’s worse…

    in addition, all the “Go” brands & “Daddy” brands have suffered needlessly due 2 & Bob Parsons don’t care, which is sad & arrogant

    Animal cruelty is one thing, butt as news of unethical treatment of human beings, customers, extortion, & so on surface, we’ll find it’s just the beginning, the first wave

    their investors are trying to bail (with dignity) cause the embarrasement will get worse & Parsons should release his investors from contractual obligation & allow them 2 save face cause they don’t want anything 2 do with your company



  6. Gregory says

    I’ve been with GoDaddy for nearly a decade. The Elephant nonsense didn’t surprise me. I started transferring hundreds of domains from GoDaddy to other registrars more than a year ago. Bob Parsons’ overbearing personality makes his company less palatable. Obnoxious business practices are finally getting on some customers’ nerves. There will, however, always be those who don’t know or don’t care about the behavior of the company’s head.

    The Elephant issue just made the situation more well-known. Issues of backorders being placed in bogus auctions, rumors of domains being seized with little justification, a domain management interface wildly cluttered with upsell widgets, and the final straw for me is the number of attacks on my web servers that are coming from GoDaddy.Com servers. GD doesn’t respond to my abuse complaints.

    I will soon be down to a few domains that I will leave with GD, from a number well into the triple digits. Those remaining ones are being left to be sold or to expire. I think there will be a long-term effect from Bob’s behavior, but it will be nearly impossible to measure amongst all of the domain transactions that occur. A person like Parsons really needs to see a cost for his bad behavior, or he becomes even more obnoxious.

  7. BrianWick says

    Will GoDaddy now be offering a “Transfer In” promotion ? – at prices well below hard cost like $2.99 ? – with no limit ?

  8. MHB says


    I don’t think such a dramatic drop in net gains can be pegged to anything but the incident, transfers out are just one measure, registrations and transfers in are measures as well

  9. BrianWick says

    People look for apartments, diamonds and remodeling products at different times during the month and year and from differnet suppliers.

    To qualify any of the godaddy data – it needs to be compared percentagewise to enom,, NetSol and a few others

  10. Koana Luther says

    Frankly, i lost all respect for that fool.
    He thought he can gwet away with anything. I liked him, but now, i wouldn’t even bother to shake his hand. If anything, I would ignore hime completely. Just broke my heart. The killing of animals with a gun is easy Bob, try give sanctuary to a few and take care of them to redeem yourself in front of yourself. You idiot!

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