Registrars Jump On Bob Parsons Video To Offer Special Discounts For Those Wanting To Transfer Domains Out Of

Two domain registrars, and just jumped on the Bob Parsons hunting controversy by offering special discounts for domain name transfers including contributions for each domain transferred to a wildlife charity.

In response to the masses of users looking for a new provider, two companies, DomainIt and NameCheap have both stepped up to offer deals to any clients looking for a quick alternative. is offering a 50% discount on all 1 and 2 year hosting plans PLUS $10 of every plan will be donated to the

Use coupon code “DomainitCares” to get the deal. sent out an email to customers today saying:

“We at Namecheap are very disturbed by this video of a competitor killing an elephant for sport.

“We’ve decided to throw our support behind our Elephant friends by offering domain transfers at a price where we actually lose money.”

“Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and transfer your domains to Namecheap for $4.99 for the next 24 hours through 11:59pm EST on 3/31/11 (limit 10 per user, valid for all com/net/org domains).”

On top of that, we’ll donate $1 for each transfer to



  1. Steve says

    I just transferred 31 domains from godaddy to Namecheap. Once it’s completed, I plan on closing my account and never dealing with them again. Sickning…….

  2. says

    Guess again. Parsons took one of my favorite AC/DC songs and paired with a disgusting image that the jaws of life couldn’t pull out of my brain. For that alone I’ll never register a name at GoDaddy.

  3. Dana Greenlee says

    I researched several registrars, including NameCheap, over the last few hours and, in addition to the discount and donation, NameCheap gets good user reviews. So I unlocked 19 GoDaddy domains and got the auth code and it took about 20 min. to enter my domains into NameCheap’s transfer cart … and before I could ignite, their site went down for maintenance! Ack! Oh, well. I hope that means they were flooded with transfers.

    Be aware if you’re doing a NC transfer:their domain input field will only handle 3-4 domains at once. They say to list all domains/auth codes/EPP to be transferred, but it’ll only take the first 3-4 so you have to keep going back and adding to the cart.

    GoDaddy needs to feel the pinch of this so that Parsons can’t afford any more hunting trips.

  4. Rich says

    It’s all politics.
    I wanna see that ” name jet” contributed some how to the ” SaveTheElephants” before all this commotion ,if they where so “disturbed”by that video.The fact that BobParson donated $3,000,000 in charities this year, nobody had any discounts nobody said any thing beside Elliot’s blog.This doesn’t justify Bob’s actions,how about donating to the people of Japan,who have a real problem,i haven’t heard “name jet” feeling with those people ,yet when there’s money to be made we are all concern.Give me a brake “Name jet”we are not all stupid.

  5. says

    This is not his first African Safari promo.

    Did you see the one where he shot the black leopard ?
    People said it should have bitten him.
    He claimed it bit him between the legs.

    His main squeeze at the time was also being promo-ed.

    The elephant he shot back then was distributed to the tribe.
    There was a lot made about the pecking order of who got what cuts of meat.

  6. says

    Rumor has it that Bob Parsons is (was) headed to New York to find the Bronx Cobra
    …the Cobra heard the rumor and went back to the cage…


  7. LS Morgan says

    It amazes me that Parsons could be this stupid… how a man that smart could do something THIS unaware.

    I’m way, way pro hunting and proactive herd management so this doesn’t disturb me as much as people who are go by emotion alone (and if anything, makes me like Parsons a lot more), but there are certain types of hunting- particular species in the Big 5- that are going to cause enormous emotional backlash, rightly or wrongly.

    If you’re going to hunt them and you are a figure in the public eye, for GOD DAMN SURE don’t make a video of yourself doing it and post it so every weenie can protest your business because you killed Dumbo.

    Bad decision, Bob.

  8. JoJo says

    Tons of articles on “Asinine Bob” and his elephant yesterday.

    Today the news search on Google shows 1/4 of the articles shown yesterday.

    “Asinine Bob” must have a PR crew at work. They’re loading the blogs with positive comments and manipulating the negative story search results down.

    Whatever Bob. You’ve rebranded yourself and your firm permanently. And it’s well deserved.

  9. SunnyLondon says

    I do not really have any view on shooting elephants, except it seems a bit like a eccentric rich mans way to curb boredom and all a bit 1920’s.

    I would say that Namecheap is opening up a can of worms here by trying to take advantage of the situation. Fair enough some of you will say its great opportunist marketing but these things can bite you in the arse. What happens if one of the Namecheap directors gets prosecuted for hitting his wife and Godaddy runs a promo where they give $1 to a battered women’s shelter, for example.

    As they say, he who is without sin should cast the first stone.

  10. BrianWick says

    Wow – the “actors” in the video are really good – trampling down their crops to make it look like elephants were there and then pretending like they are starving to death. It is hard to say who got the ribs eyes and the filets !!! Hollywood at its best – will alec baldwin and some other hollywood glee club gadfys be starring in the sequel.

    The POINT is some like to hunt others do not want to know where their meat come from at the store.

    Which is worse – registrars and registries depleting life savings, bank accounts and nest eggs selling worthless domains and extensions – because that is what they do for a living – or – justifying all that by beating down one of their own because he is better at that than they are.

    – and comparing the tastefullness of this video to a video of an abortion and was mentioned in a different thread – is unfounded – sorry mike

  11. MHB says


    In case people didn’t see my comment from the prior post to which you are referring to here it is, and I still believe its valid and a fair comparison.

    2011 March 31
    MHB permalink


    When you are a CEO of a company claiming a billion + market value and thousands of employees that depend on you to support themselves and their families they have a special duty in my opinion to not engage and certainly not brag about certain activities even arguable if they are perfectly legal.

    For example what if woman CEO decided to have an abortion, within the legal limits and then tape the procedure and place it on her companies website.

    Wouldn’t be smart.

    And if the only reason to do so was to feed that person’s ego, that’s again in my opinion, is a lack of respect for all those workers whose livelihoods could be great effected by such actions.””

  12. Justin says


    All the goodwill from all the charities he gave to in the past has washed down with this one stupidity!

  13. John Berryhill says

    “All the goodwill from all the charities he gave to in the past has washed down with this one stupidity!”

    The Merlino crime family in Philadelphia was well known for its charitable activities.

    Money can’t buy you love.

  14. joanne says

    The whole thing is disgusting and abhorrent – unfortunately, people like Parsons are inherently narcissistic and selfish (at the risk of being redundant), and are unlikely to care unless their bottom line is significantly impacted. I sincerely hope a LOT of people transfer their domains elsewhere.

    eNom offers really easy bulk transfers – so does Moniker. Both have great customer service, too.

  15. BrianWick says

    I wonder how many employees at godaddy realize that by swallowing a bit of pride over their personal beliefs (and how many really disagree has yet to be determined) – it is this kind of PR stuff that might help them keep their job in the highly whored out and competitive industry of selling domains ?

    Has NameCheap offered anybody a job (instead of some token 10 domain trasfer special) that came from godaddy as a result of this.

    Get real folks – too much (D)enial has been focused on this already. Entire political parties are based on this kind of (D)rama.

  16. LS Morgan says

    Parsons are inherently narcissistic and selfish (at the risk of being redundant), and are unlikely to care unless their bottom line is significantly impacted.

    Uh, yeah. What a shocker…
    In order to believe you can start up an enterprise that outdoes everyone else, you must first be confident that you yourself are inherently smarter than they are, a better manager than they are, more talented than they are then go on to prove it all… Varying degrees of narcissism can be found in pretty much all people who do big things; selfishness is just the fuel that drives the economic engine at every level, top to bottom.

    What makes this so catastrophically dumb is that there’s no question- as in, none, whatsoever- his personal actions would cause a huge and unnecessary backlash against his company. It was on the local news here in Chicago, this afternoon. There was absolutely no upside to his making this public. Whatever allegiance he might find with hunters would be overwhelmed 100-1 by inspiring enormous opposition from the rabble.

    If you’re going to be a figurehead of a corporation and engage in controversial personal activities, you have to carefully segregate your personal life so it doesn’t contaminate your professional interests. If you want to do blow, travel to Thailand to shag whores or shoot African elephants, OK, whatever, but why film it and make the video public so those who disagree with that activity will then take out their feelings on your business?

    I suppose the only silver lining to come from this is that it may cause a meaningful amount of people to consider domain name options other than Godaddy.

  17. says

    Most registrars are living from domain to domain due to the encroachment of These registrars have employees who are struggling to maintain and eke out a living. I think the only thing to do is to shoot a bull. We’ll can leave the matriarchal structure of Joan Rivers and Danica in place…. and take out the lone bull… Bob.

    Then the other registrars can hopefully gorge on the fruits of their labor by picking up all the diced domains.

    Sounds like a plan.

  18. MHB says


    Surprised to see you commenting here as this is one of the blogs (originally 1 of 2, now I see you expanded your list) of what you call the BS Feeders.

    By contributing to this blog by commenting you are “feeding the BS” as you would say.

  19. Gordon says

    What is the issue – that it is an elephant, or that it was videotaped, or that it was tasteless?

    So many giant problems in the world today, and a lot of people are spending a lot of energy on one guy and one animal. An animal that very likely would be dead with or without Bob Parsons.

  20. says


    We have changed BS-Feeders, in deference to you, to Source Material. Not everything posted is BS – we’re still tweaking the format. You could have chosen to feel honored to be the first of the major blogs to have been added. Respect.

    There are many ways to share opinions: blog posts, comments on sources (be that news, youtube, forums of other blog posts). Adding a comment doesn’t necessarily “feed the BS” machine. Some comments are irrelevant, some comments provide an instant rebuttal, occasionally we may even find ourselves in agreement.

  21. John Berryhill says

    Gordon, the fact that Loxondonta Africana is a threatened species is one of the problems the world has. By reducing this to a “PETA thing”, the point is missed:

    WWF is just one of the organizations that work on mitigating human/animal conflict to the mutual benefit of both, by nonlethal means.

    Another problem the world has is brutal dictatorships, like the one Bob paid for this hunt.

    What’s amazing is that he has actually contributed to two serious problems and is so stupid he thinks he’s helping.

    Me? I’m saving my money so I can eat the last tuna.

  22. MHB says


    I do in fact take great pride in being one of the 1st two blogs to make your BS feeders List (Elliot’s Blog got shared billing).

    I was actually disappointed today to see all the other additions which diluted the lofty level of BS which I seemed to single handily achieved (well along with Elliot)

    Of course the honor would have been even greater if it came from someone with at least the balls to identify themselves instead of hiding under the cloak of the “unknown domainer”

  23. says

    FatCat Servers is also upset about the way the elephant was slaughtered. We are offering special pricing and donating proceeds from each product to Save the Elephants.

    We will offer $4.00 off each new domain or domain transfer. The reduced price will continue as long as the domain is registered with us. FatCat Servers will donate $4.95 for each to the Save the Elephants Organization. We will also donate $4.95 for each hosting account purchased.

    Full Details at
    Coupon Code: NODADDY
    This is a limited time offer, but we haven’t set the termination date yet.

  24. says

    I switched my blog from GoDaddy to Namecheap last night. I had to jump through some hoops to finally get the EPP that was needed to authenticate the switch (GoDaddy hides that quite well), but a little bit of work and a (surprisingly) helpful CSR on GoDaddy’s side made it happen. It didn’t hurt they were offering a special half price deal and donated a dollar to Save the Elephants for the switch. Goodbye GoDaddy.

  25. says

    He shot an elephant. B. F. D.
    I can’t believe this many people care that some random elephant got shot. It’s no big deal. Just deal with it.

  26. Isaac says

    Do not kill Elephants OR Dolphins. I was never dumb enough to use GoDaddy in the first place, but I’m glad people can see the CEO of GoDaddy is beyond eternal stupidity.

    What does guy think he’s rambo going in rogue at night exterminating an Elephant, yeah oh yeah they are a really big problem in this area.

    I am going to go to Africa next year when he pulls this stunt, and I am going to rent a helicopter. Then I’m going to rescue the elephants, and if one of them dies from his fat dumb ugly face I’m going to fly the dead corpse on to his house and then I’m going to say.


  27. jani says

    I am going to transfer our 2 domains out of godaddy – they were up for renew…and I can’t stand what he has done. contacting one of the two mentioned above to do it…

  28. jani says

    I also can’t stand one someone says…no big deal – so if we shoot (you…or your family) then that is o.k. too huh? oh so you’re human so that makes it different? I don’t think so…it’s people like you who will destroy the ocean…and then oooops suddenly it’s important because guess what? if the ocean dies…you die… only care about yourself huh? when you do your own self in…then and only then…it will matter – but it will be too late!

  29. Curt says

    I know I am commenting late on this, but I appreciate the blog that helped me feel better about my hosting decision.

    I just made up my mind to move all my domains to Go Daddy.

    The political correctness is mind numbing. I know some who genuinely care about animals and (I can respect that), and others who take advantage of this and of someone’s not so bright PR flub. The one’s that offer specials to switch in order to make money because they see left and right only, – yeah right in taking a loss on the domain setup. Betting it costs alot less than to have to move them over with actual good service and marketing. There will always be hunters and gatherers… even in the domain world.

    Africa is a different backwards culture for pete’s sake. I think those locals might be pretty shocked with a tour of the genocide going on with our cows before they make it into our burgers that we gorge on and throw away half that our kids don’t eat. They are animals, and with all our technology that handles the kill for us and serves it up hot on the go, we conviently overlook that for our own comfort as well as overlook the motivation behind hundreds of people showing up afterwards just to get a cut of the meat. Without that technology we would be right back to hunting it ourselves to survive.

    There are real horrors in the world going on that demand more attention, than a famous successful person’s exploits in Africa that sparks more meaningless debates that only show how people differ on the fringes. Real horrors with child prostitution, abuse, torture, etc. all over the world. But maybe our animal-like brains are too small to fathom those larger scale atrocities against humans and how to help stop it.
    While I would never recommend mixing personal politics with marketing, and how Bob can start a sentence on his site with caring and end it with check out the hot brunette. His naivity is somehow more appealing and honest with a comfortable in my own skin attitude, than a stock photography filled site with testimonials next to models.

    Thanks for letting me rant on your site.

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