As Predicted ICANN Moves June Meeting To Singapore

We heard a rumor a weeks ago that ICANN was going to cancel the June Meeting scheduled for  Jordan to Singapore and wrote about it back on Feburary 17th

ICANN has just made it official that the June ICANN meeting where the new gTLD’s my finally be approved will be held in Singapore.

The meeting will be June 19th-24th 2011.

As I have wanted to fly on Singapore Air for quite a long time as it is pretty consistently rated the top airline in the world, I’m extremely happy to see the change (besides I have no desire to dodge bullets).

Moreover with the introduction of the A380 well it looks like one of my bucket list items will be out of the way.

See you in June in Singapore, of course that is after the Domain Roundtable next week and the ICANN meeting in San Fransisco in March


  1. says

    I was in Singapore last summer and it was amazing. I loved every part of the city, it was so clean and had a bunch for me to do with my friends who live there. I had some amazing meals too.

    Also Singapore Air is the best, hands down.

    I’m sure you will have a great time!

  2. says

    Don’t forget to visit the Singapore zoo at nite- it is the best in the world.
    Don’t bring any cigarettes or chewing gum or drugs-the penalty is hanging.
    Cut your hair short.
    Yes, plan to stay a couple of days in Bali and then to Thailand. I won’t be surprised you might come back home to USA.

    Yes, the Singapore gals…oh yea.

    You don’t need to buy air tickets in advance to go to Bali , just buy them when you are there. It is dirt cheap . It is not $99 usd , it is like $50USD.
    In Thailand, $10USD will get you very very far…you will be treated like a KING!!
    Anything is possible- your wildest dreams will come true.

  3. says

    “I won’t be surprised you might come back home to USA.”

    Opps…You might NOT come back home to USA.

    Wait till you see the beaches in Bali/Thailand, it makes the beaches in Florida/Hawaii to shame.

  4. says


    Sounds like you are familiar with Bali. Look me up next time you are out. And he’s right I never went home, well except to visit now and then.

    Not sure what you are talking about cigarettes in Sing. I always have a pack on hand when I go from Bali to Sing. Lots of smoking areas in the airport.

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