eBook.com Hits The Auction Block With 4.5 Million Unique Visitors A Year

From Amazon’s Kindle to Apple’s ibooks there hasn’t been a much hotter topic than ebooks over the last year.

The domain name eBook.com is now at auction.

The company that owns the domain eBook.com, DNAML PTY LTD (DNAML) says they are “exiting the eBook retailing business” and engaged Viant Capital to sell the domain URL, the #1 organic search result for “ebook” across all major search engines.”

The following is from the information I received from the owner of the domain and the company holding the auction:

“To date, ebook.com has primarily been an eCommerce site for eBooks in the DNAML proprietary format and a technology showcase for DNAML’s software.

“Despite minimal investment in search engine optimization or paid search, the site still generates very impressive traffic – 2.1 million unique visitors and 9 million unique page views over the past 5 ½ months, which equates to 4.5 million unique visitors and 20 million unique page views on an annualized basis.”

“With only 12,000 eBooks available on ebook.com, the site has produced 4.7 million eBook downloads over the last year.”

“eBook.com has the #1 listing globally on the most common search term – “ebook.”

“According to Google AdWords, the average estimated cost-per-click for the keyword “ebook” is $0.48 – $0.73. Since ebook.com obtains over 2 million visitors through direct traffic and Google organic search, even assuming a $0.48 cost per click, it would cost $1 million per year to generate this traffic through paid search.”

The attached document contains some additional information on website rankings and traffic statistics for ebook.com.

“Interested parties must submit their official bid in writing to Viant Capital by Thursday, September 30 at 2:00 pm Pacific.”

“The Company will execute a standard sales document with representations as to title and no encumbrances. Closing will occur before the end of October.”

If you have interest in bidding in this auction please contact the viant group by either sending an email to:


or call John Batdorf at 415-820-6106.

Best of luck to all.


  1. says

    Like the name. Is this one where the plural would be better suited than the singular? I know the traffic is great on this one, just feel like the plural would lend itself better to a commerce site. Just a thought.

  2. says

    Pretty interesting to see this gradual shift which resulted from the internet and digital streaming. Book stores losing out to ebook-style downloading, CD stores disappeared with downloadable music, newspapers crash & burn as people turn exclusively to the net for news & information, Blockbuster and other video stores devastated by cable on demand movies and Youtube. People furthering their education with online courses/degrees. Not to mention general shopping and commerce migrating from brick and mortar stores to online merchants.

    The broadband internet connection is the game changer of the century.

  3. says

    @M.Menius….Spot on summary…

    eBook.com is an example of a domain that is right where the future becomes the present…Be really interesting to see how this sale goes.

  4. chris says

    I think the will be the sale of the century in online retail / domaining given the quality of the name the exact keyword, please dont forget that the term ‘ebook’ is gonna be around for a while…..rain, hail or snow so i would tend to maybe it might fetch 7-9 figures.

  5. says

    the company that has “ebooks.com” also has “e-books.com”, but the domain “e-book.com” has a website that sells the ebook readers.

    ““There are not many industry defining, core keyword domain names, such as eBook.com. And in the eBook space there is no better name than eBook.com. To acquire eBook.com is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” says Adam Schmidt, Managing Director at DNAML”

    But they must not want people to think of the other domain names that I mentioned above. I think it would be interesting to compare the traffic stats for the 4 domain names…

  6. says

    Agreed that although this is a stellar name, it’s not the category killer it may seem to be at first glance. the plural is clearly the better name IMHO.

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