Is 1st Marketplace That Is Allows Sellers To Include In Their Domain Sale Listings just added a feature that allows Sellers to add a link to a report to the sale pages.

For example checkout this domain for sale on,

As you can see sellers can show the monthly traffic and revenue certified by when submitting their domains for sale.

Already up in and should also be implemented  this week in in all the vertical marketplaces of including,,

It’s optional, but if the domain for sale has significant traffic and/or revenue it should give a big boost to the sale of the domain.

As the volume of sellers using this feature grows,  the Domaining marketplaces will add these metrics to their listings,  like they are already doing with; term frequency & search popularity.

In a side note, the Domaining Marketplaces by the end of the week should launch a vertical marketplace dedicated to domains with certified traffic and revenue where domains will be sold for multiple of years revenue.
This is an exciting new feature that should help out sales.

Congrats to Francois.


  1. says

    111 visitors and $44 in rev? Interesting… I wonder if it is $0.44 since there is a space between the $ 44?

    $44 just seems pretty high on 111 visitors in a month but I could be wrong.

  2. Francois says

    Yes, it’s $44 per month and NOT $0.44 there is no typo.
    And I can tell you if this page was replaced by a contractor referal form it should generate minimum with an average conversion rate of 30% (normal for such term) and a CPA of $8.50: 111 *30% * $8.50 = $283 per month without the need of any search engine traffic.
    Now if you make some SEO you should do really much better.

    Just for info HandymanServices is the second most popular keyword behind Handyman.

    People looking for “handyman services” get EXACTLY what they are looking for, sponsored links advertising “handyman services”, this is why for a small traffic amount the ppc revenue is fair.

  3. says

    So is the low traffic but high $44-mo revenue based on actual revenue or estimated numbers? If estimated how is that done and by who?

    If it can earn so much I don’t get why it’s now at where it more likely earns closer to 0.44 cents vs $44? Maybe I am missing something?

    Also, how would a “handyman network” work. It seesm like you would need many 100s of handymen nationwide to sign-up for the referrals. I can also tell you from first-hand experience handymen are real cheap. I offered to send all my highly targeted handyman geo minisite referrals to a local handyman (who I also I know well) for just $25-mo and he refused (but he spends far more money with less effective in-print ads)?

  4. Francois says


    apparently the comment of Jamie missleaded you.
    I did not I spoken about 44 cents anywhere.
    A domain that makes 44 cents per month is crap in my dictionary, and maybe also in youyr?
    This one appraise $100K+ according Estibot/Valuate.

    We use the service to validate parking stats, basically the visits and revenue are provide by through the service of Andrew (
    It’s all the interest, have a trusted third party to validate traffic/revenue stats.

    Why let it parked if it could do much more developped?
    I have no time to care or prefer to focus on others things so I simply park purchased domains and look no further.
    I think there are lot of people like me, they are called domainers!

    The advertisers are mainly leads collectors NOT directly handymen.

  5. says

    Thanks for explaining it. I am not doubting its a very valuable name but based on my experience with and other firms involving domains which are believed to be in higher paying niches vs handymen it is surprising how just 111 visitors (not clicks) can earn $44 a month from parking. The CTR and EPC must be really high for such performance! That’s a reason why I wrongly assumed the revenue was coming from lead collectors instead of PPC.

  6. domain guy says

    well i made this suggestion to show unique visitors to the domain king a long time ago.and this will do much much more than help sell domains.
    what this will do to the public,madison ave and the rest of the world would be to clearly show the intrinsic value of the domain. why pay
    3 million for when you get 10k visitors a day?any idiot loan officer,upper mgr, competitior could see the value and bench mark the value to the amount of money they are allocating to advertising per month.
    how about with several thousand unique visitors per month.
    any loan company could see the value of these visitors and use their biz model and apply it to this what we have here is a visual tool that clearly uses analytics and applies the number of unique visiors to a domain any mba can now use their education to justify the numerical intrinsic value to purchase a domain name.
    nothing new here except to educate the rest of the world what any sophiscated domainer has known for the last 15 yrs……

  7. Francois says

    Yes David, domains related to services pay.
    For your convenience I just posted another bargain domain very similar:
    The parked domain makes $52 for just 68 visitors monthly (stats validated by
    Such domains have a low type-in but a tremendous CTR and fair ppc rate so developped they should do a very solid investment.
    As a reminder they are for sale.

  8. says

    Really surprised about the parking revenues from handymanservices and treeservices, especially since they are not in what most domainers consider high paying categories, such as financial names, etc.

    I agree lower traffic but highly targeted multiword keyword names are excellent overall.

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