The Next BIG Thing Is 3D: Who Owns Best Domains? (Hint: Its not Me, Frank, Kevin Or Even Rick )

I sure blew this one.

But at least I’m not alone.

The next big thing is going to be 3D.

3D was the talk of the Consumers Electronic Show in Vegas in January.

3d Tv’s are already on sale and the World Cup was broadcast by Directv in 3D.

ESPN is launching its own 3D channel any day now on Directv.

Yup its going to be huge and I missed to boat completely.

However it doesn’t look like I’m alone.

Looking through the best 3D domains I could think of it doesn’t look like Frank, Kevin or even Rick  locked up any of the best 3D domains or at least what I consider to be the best of the best.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look to see who owns the best of the 3D domains.

Lets start with the 5 star domain for the topic,

Its owned under privacy at Network Solutions.

The domain name was created all the way back in 1994.

The domain goes to a Net Sol, parked page so whoever owns it, isn’t making any money off of it, and it does get thousands of visitors a month according to Compete and Alexa.

A Waste.

3DTV.COM Is owned by an end user, Brad Beckerman of Beverly Hills, California

Its actually a pretty cool flash site you should check it out.

3DTELEVISION.COM and are owned by an end user, Deep Vision 3D, of  Hollywood, CA, although the domain is not resolving properly for me the company sells 3DGlasses on the 2nd domain.

The domain, 3-DGLASSES.COM is owned by an end user, Theatric Support of  Studio City, California

3DTVS.COM is registered to Jon Schultz of  Blue String Ventures, Inc.

The domain, goes to a parked page and is under privacy.

Ted Amaradidis of Delray Beach Florida, owns  3-DMOVIES.COM and and

3DTELEVISIONS.COM is owned by domainer,  Gregg Ostrick of  GNO, Inc.

3DSPORTS.COM is owned by our good friend Chad Folkening of  Ecorp.

3DMOVIETHEATERS.COM is owned by Ralf Schumacher, who is another fellow I know pretty well.

3DTHEATERS.COM is owned by a Daniel Symmes of  Woodland Hills, CA and is another domain not resolving properly.

The domain name,  3DADVERTISING.COM is owned by our good friend Stephen Douglas of Success Click.

The domain is owned by Scott Bennett of  Glasgow who is using it for a blog.

3DGAMES.COM is owned by another good friend and ICANN’s worst nightmare, George Kirikos.

3D.TV and 3-D.Tv are both owned by a Guy named Ben Geren.

(If you are not familiar with Mr. Geren He also owns some of the best possible .FM domains,  including Rock.FM, HipHop.FM, Classical.FM, and Country.FM, ClassicRock.FM, and Oldies.FM just to name a few as well as some pretty good .TV Domains including,, and

Congrats boys, you own part of the future and you all kicked my ass.


  1. Louise says

    @ MHB, “How to render 3D images” – amazing article – thanx! 😀

    @3DGestures, your moment is rising. Here it is.
    Enjoy it!

    DMPartners is having his moment with, and Savvy is having his moment with My moment is coming up in November, when the Intel Tablet Hybrids get released, and I am preparing for it now!

  2. says

    That Leap Motion is very cool
    Here’s another cool little presentation i saw earlier:


    the truly amazing thing is that this just shows that 3d has yet to even sniff its true capabilities yet.. especially for the web.

    for all those that said there would be no value in 3d domain names will all soon realize their short sightedness.

    So many articles were written about ‘the end of 3d’ and ‘3d is just a fad’ – but it hasn’t even arrived yet… i only hope those same people are around when it does.

    Microsoft’s Windows 8 will really only be the beginning for 3d development – due out this fall (winter?)… The 3d Revolution will begin shortly after.

    Not much longer now everybody.. keep those renewals going

  3. 3D is my life says

    Oh sh#t, here we go again.

    Louise, no one is having any sort of a moment. The only moment you future f*cks are having are a series of successive senior moments every time you register one of those sh*tty names.

    Note to Emerging Technologies, remove your head out of your ass.

  4. dmpartners says

    3d is my Life I remember you 5th grade we beat you senseless remember You were a prick then and your a prick now,
    Did you see the Apple patent for Safari 3D ? When Apple launches IPAD 3D and IMAC 3D you will really shit your pants.
    I can’t wait we have over 150 3D .coms just waiting to be sold. Millionaires with ease douch bag. You missed it sorry pal
    Get lost

  5. 3D is my life says

    If I get lost, then I’ll end up where you guys are. Millionaires, keep dreaming. When will your spaceship come to pick you nutjobs up?

  6. says

    … can u seriously not see the potential here?
    are you really that stubborn?

    .. regardless… let me ask… WHY the hell do u stay so tightly tuned in with us space cadets? you post more than anybody here … because? … why?.. you’re such a phuckin genius?!

    haha – highly doubt that!

    so.. what exactly is your problem?.. what niche’s don’t u like? anything specific?
    3d?.. Holo?.. cloud?… telematics?…4k?..etc..

    i agree that the 3dmartini’s, and 3dcologne’s of the world are totally silly, but even then – so what?.. who cares? let them be silly. The future trend domain names are really no different than any other niche… there will be TONS of senseless regges and tons of drops in all of them… travel, insurance, dating, adult, health… etc…
    regged, dropped and caught all day long… what exactly is your point?

    so being as u spend SO much time here – eavesdropping on our future trend research and idea’s, trolling like a _ _ _ _ , there must be something about it that u like (love?)…
    haha… u can try to say otherwise, but your existence says otherwise… maybe it’s your own guilty pleasure – and not so secretly either – cause your ever so cool self would have vanished a while ago if not.

    it may be better put to say that maybe you should get YOUR head out of OUR asses!

    but so be it… one less schmuch to worry about chasing this niche!

    that’s all i needed to say
    … so keep in touch with yourself
    … and this memorial day weekend – hope you make sure to drive fast and swerve a lot!

  7. Louise says

    @ 3D said: “When will your spaceship come to pick you nutjobs up?”

    If I ejected my 250 lb frame at you out of a cannon, it would be end-of-discussion. Instead, I would like to say:

    Zach Epstein at said:

    BGR called for the death of the “phablet” this past February when we reviewed Samsung’s mammoth Galaxy Note, but the market has spoken loud and clear. End-user sales of Samsung’s first true smartphone-tablet hybrid topped 5 million units within about five months, placing Samsung well on its way to achieving the company’s goal of selling 10 million units in 2012.

    So, BGR called for the “death of the phablet,” but Samsung already sold 5 million units! You may call for death of 3D, 4K, 4D, dual screen, and graphene, but it’s not in your hands.

    What I suggest – my method – is to read Techmeme on Sunday night for brand new news which starts Monday in Asia, and check for domain names. Domainers are winding down their weekends, and new terms are free for the registering. Best wishes.

  8. 3D is my life says

    @Louise said:
    “So, BGR called for the “death of the phablet,” but Samsung already sold 5 million units! You may call for death of 3D, 4K, 4D, dual screen, and graphene, but it’s not in your hands.

    What I suggest – my method – is to read Techmeme on Sunday night for brand new news which starts Monday in Asia, and check for domain names. Domainers are winding down their weekends, and new terms are free for the registering. Best wishes.”

    I wish I knew which language the Buck Rogers cult speaks when they hold their meetings so I could best express what I’m trying to get across to you freaks.

    Y-O-U-R D-O-M-A-I-N-S S-U-C-K

    None of them have anything to do with articles you people post. The ones you claim to have some relation are not even in the ballpark. You take bits and phrases of actual technology jargon and make junk names out of them. That’s not forward thinking, that’s barely thinking.

    I will happily welcome you back to real world. Please return.

  9. Louise says

    But you refuse to say, “ is a bad domain name.” You would have all the credibility in the world, if only you would say, “ is a bad domain name.” Just say it.

  10. 3D is my life says

    It’s a bad name. If you reversed the terms, it might be a slight improvement, it sounds better. WTF is a tablet-hybrid, on it’s own, it sucks as a name. I’ve heard of a laptop-tablet-hybrid or smartphone-tablet-hybrid, but just tablet-hybrid is kind of lame. Anyway, registering these so-called “product-service” keyword names in strange arrangements is not likely going to result in any big sales, this isn’t 2005. I don’t know maybe someone would be willing to pay a few bucks for that. But, it wouldn’t be me.

  11. Louise says

    You’re right. The phrase “tablet hybrid” does occur by itself, but not often. Mostly it’s:

    PC tablet hybrid
    smartphone tablet hybrid
    phone tablet hybrid
    laptop tablet hybrid

    The phrase gets lots more searches than the exact search:
    “tablet hybrid” High 3,600 1,600 $3.03
    [tablet hybrid] High 260 58 $2.81

    But, I thought, shorter is better!

    We’ll see. It has some development value, I think. Maybe LeftoftheDot wants it.

  12. Louise says

    It’s a dual screen! It’s a tablet hybrid! It’s a dual Screen tablet hybrid!!!

    ASUS Taichi dual screen Windows 8 notebook – Computex 2012

  13. dmpartners says

    Just saw the final listing for the new extensions and all I can say is what a waste of money, Other than . Apple . Youtube the rest are losers and NO . Hologram or 3d Thank You we are safe from being over taken.

    Just saw 3D glasses free advertisement is here, Look for them at restaurants also HOLOGRAMS at Airports coming real soon.

  14. says

    “UN Internet Takeover Rumours Mask Bigger Governance Shortcomings”

    Interesting Toronto Star article today by  Internet Law Columnist Michael Geist 

  15. dmpartners says

    Just wrapped up every 3D Alcohol generic 3dbrandy,com and and
    I see it very clear one of these majors will be doing ads in 3d when glasses free hits iPad and PCs . Can you see the Martini being poured in 3D ? We can. 3D advertising is going to be huge. Will you type in Smirnoff3d of
    I see it with the generic \.

  16. dmpartners says

    Thank You ICAAN you just increased the value of our HOLO.coms and names. 2000 new extensions what a joke. How many people are going to be signing up any of these other than Brand protectors. Glad to see no extensions hurting our investment, Get ready 3D and Holo advertisements are about to begin.

  17. 3d games says

    @ dmpartners
    lol hope so
    maybe shift 3D Advertising dot co not that i am in any rush to sell anything now :)

  18. 3D is my life says

    Quick update for you nuts:

    3dAdvertising dot co isn’t worth sh#t.

    All those 3D alcohol names are junk.

    3DModeling dot co, 3DRendering dot co, 3DScanning dot co -> sh#t, sh#t, sh#t.

    That is all.

  19. Louise says

    @ 3D, your posts go from making me cry because I laugh so hard, to scratching my head over your meanness, like the one, above. You gave yourself away you are a frustrated investor who used to reap the easy profits cluttering the web with adsense, until Google started cleaning up its own results. Now you don’t know what to do.

    But we have a direction that is a long view instead of the failed route the rest of the domaining community tried to milk bot hits on their spammy pages.

  20. 3d is my life says

    Louise, you are wrong in your assumptions as usual.

    The person you describe, well, let me just say that I would take a look in the mirror if I were you.

  21. Louise says

    Smartphone app and QR code lets you wirelessly withdraw ATM cash

    The NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal system allows the user to launch a smartphone app which then scans a QR code on an ATM and seamlessly withdraws cash in seconds. The wireless process lets users skip the usual process of tapping passwords into a random ATM kiosk, thus avoiding potential fake ATMs that skim your credit card information.
    The ATM upgrade requires no new hardware (e.g. no NFC readers needed), just software installs, and it works with iOS or Android .

    Access cash with a smartphone!

  22. 3d games says

    lol you are one muppet
    this is why
    you trawl here and say you have no interest yet you read every single post without fail and sit and wait you lil heart must race when you see a new post i would love to meet you in person feel free to look up my address on the whois and come round to my door i will give the biggest welcome i can.

    3d is my life
    you know what you have actually stated the obvious there it is your life lmao you sad little boy
    3d is my life because i dont have any sad pathetic little loser muppet yeh come see me

    have you upset me ?
    nope not one bit i am laughing my head off and smiling at you so dont get the wrong idea just someone like you who cant even realise the whole story behind himself makes me laugh hard
    carry on trawling you no life muppet

    remember the whois :)

    look back a long way in this thread i dont take it serious on here i only do this as a hobby i know you do the same except your hobby is being a troll each to own i guess probably nice to take out that lonely feeeling of desperation on others i am no expert but if it makes you feel any better we will all support you in that therapy you obviously need

  23. Louise says

    @3d games said: “you trawl here and say you have no interest”

    What are you talking about? When did I say I have no interest? Find the quote. I NEVER said that.

  24. 3d games says

    @ louise thats not directed at you
    its at
    3d is my life and i cant seem to find one of my own so i trawl the net looking for people i can abuse to feel better about myself

  25. Louise says

    Thanx for clarifying, @3d games! I have post traumatic stress over being made fun of – maybe I should cool it on this thread for a while! 😀

  26. says

    Thanx, @ MHB, for highlighting Leap Motion 3D gesture control – I just composed an article for Responsive TV on Leap! With the direction gesture control and television are intersecting, Leap is probably a good investment . . . likely a target for acquisition!

    Let me go on record at 2:40PM Pacific time to predict Microsoft’s announcement will be about xtv launching on the xbox, tv, and pc, with entertainment set to go radical ar /3d by 2015! Now, I’m going to compose a post about it. While mainstream media is saying, “tablet,” I’m saying, “tv” and “Smart glass.”

  27. TabletHybrid says

    It’s a tablet hybrid!!!

    Called, Surface TM.

    Go to Surface dot com – Microsoft got THAT right!

    It has a built-in kickstand and cover with touch keyboard!

    One version will run Windows 8; one will run Windows RT. Steve Ballmer is back!!!

  28. dmpartners says

    Worth another look. Can you see a Glass of Champagne being poured in 3D WE CAN.

    How about a Martini being made in 3D right Louise..

  29. Giles says

    I see Microsoft missed and which registered in teh last 2 days, but they did get the .net and org and yesterday Microsoft did grab and TabletSurface com

    You would have thought they would register the best names before anything was released to the public??

    I have 3 related names I registered 2 years ago and I have had 2 offers on each today lol….mainly low-ball so they are probably domainers

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