The Next BIG Thing Is 3D: Who Owns Best Domains? (Hint: Its not Me, Frank, Kevin Or Even Rick )

I sure blew this one.

But at least I’m not alone.

The next big thing is going to be 3D.

3D was the talk of the Consumers Electronic Show in Vegas in January.

3d Tv’s are already on sale and the World Cup was broadcast by Directv in 3D.

ESPN is launching its own 3D channel any day now on Directv.

Yup its going to be huge and I missed to boat completely.

However it doesn’t look like I’m alone.

Looking through the best 3D domains I could think of it doesn’t look like Frank, Kevin or even Rick  locked up any of the best 3D domains or at least what I consider to be the best of the best.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look to see who owns the best of the 3D domains.

Lets start with the 5 star domain for the topic,

Its owned under privacy at Network Solutions.

The domain name was created all the way back in 1994.

The domain goes to a Net Sol, parked page so whoever owns it, isn’t making any money off of it, and it does get thousands of visitors a month according to Compete and Alexa.

A Waste.

3DTV.COM Is owned by an end user, Brad Beckerman of Beverly Hills, California

Its actually a pretty cool flash site you should check it out.

3DTELEVISION.COM and are owned by an end user, Deep Vision 3D, of  Hollywood, CA, although the domain is not resolving properly for me the company sells 3DGlasses on the 2nd domain.

The domain, 3-DGLASSES.COM is owned by an end user, Theatric Support of  Studio City, California

3DTVS.COM is registered to Jon Schultz of  Blue String Ventures, Inc.

The domain, goes to a parked page and is under privacy.

Ted Amaradidis of Delray Beach Florida, owns  3-DMOVIES.COM and and

3DTELEVISIONS.COM is owned by domainer,  Gregg Ostrick of  GNO, Inc.

3DSPORTS.COM is owned by our good friend Chad Folkening of  Ecorp.

3DMOVIETHEATERS.COM is owned by Ralf Schumacher, who is another fellow I know pretty well.

3DTHEATERS.COM is owned by a Daniel Symmes of  Woodland Hills, CA and is another domain not resolving properly.

The domain name,  3DADVERTISING.COM is owned by our good friend Stephen Douglas of Success Click.

The domain is owned by Scott Bennett of  Glasgow who is using it for a blog.

3DGAMES.COM is owned by another good friend and ICANN’s worst nightmare, George Kirikos.

3D.TV and 3-D.Tv are both owned by a Guy named Ben Geren.

(If you are not familiar with Mr. Geren He also owns some of the best possible .FM domains,  including Rock.FM, HipHop.FM, Classical.FM, and Country.FM, ClassicRock.FM, and Oldies.FM just to name a few as well as some pretty good .TV Domains including,, and

Congrats boys, you own part of the future and you all kicked my ass.


  1. says

    I’m sitting at a lunch in Ottawa listening to Robert Herjavec of ABC TV’s Shark’s Tank talk about what he sees in the future for the Internet. He made his personal fortune of more than $100 million in tech & internet security. In reference to the new extensions being added he thinks “There will always be a premium for traditional extensions and dot ca because they have been around for so long.”

  2. says

    QRReader permalink

    cloudNursery. com? Good one!


    of course….I just use my creativity and ingenuity.

    Got offers already!!

  3. Louise says

    Holoflector – “holo” is the word! Nice to see 3D and holo getting more attention in the press.

    Multi screen news Hopping at Mobile World Congress:

    NXP Software Demonstrates LifeVibes Smart Player Solutions for Today’s Connected, Multi-Screen, Multi-Tasking World at MWC 2012

    A+E preps for multi-screen with thePlatform

    talking about, “A+E Networks is preparing for multi-screen delivery.” I’ve got

    Rovi Showcases Enabling Technologies at Mobile World Congress; Drives Advanced Multi-Screen Entertainment Discovery, Delivery, and Enjoyment

  4. says

    Picked up the following:


    They have a lot of Google results. Might be winners here soon.

  5. says–$50

  6. Louise says

    @ Dave, those look like good ones! Glad I could inspire you.

    Every time when I register a niche – several in one day! – people criticize me. In June of 2011, I “saw the future” and registered a handful of available multi screen – dot coms. For the record, I begged @ MHB to help me with my portfolio, “because it is too high value for me to deal with.” Got that, @MHB? I have MultiScreenRights. What the hell am I going to do with that?

    Anyway, I’m cutting back my registrations – only one this year so far: because I have every dual screen and multi screen known to man! Thought I might as well add it to the pack.

  7. Louise says

    Sorry! Didn’t mean to be rude. But I was wracking my brains, thinking, “What am I going to do?”

    Guess I have to build a platform for industry, so broadcasters know where to go:
    Rights Management

    What about consumers? Which domain should I use? I’m not that great at choosing domains for consumers . . . MultiScreenServices? Does that sound like you would find info about where to sign up for multi screen services? Or more like companies? Which is it?

  8. Louise says

    The sports enthusiasts are going to be SO HAPPY! MobiTV just announced a partnership with Texas Instruments!

    Using the TI processor, Mobi will be able to develop “a mosaic viewing experience within a single screen that enables secure simultaneous playback of up to six live feeds.”

    That means you are going to be able to access UP TO SIX live sports shows on your one tablet screen, during the breaks in between plays of your favorite football or basketball team.


  9. says

    After trying to sell to everyone in the domaining world………end users, drug users etc……. and only receiving a $50 offer, the domain was sent to auction this week.

    The results are in……………

    Are you ready………….

    The auction ended on $165 with 15 bids, so after the fee, I have $115.

    I think I know where I went wrong, having a domain like – 3dSmartphone , is no different then having a domain like 3GSmartphone , HDSmartphone or SolarPhone etc ……The little piece of tech on the phone, does not make the phone. People will continue to search for “Mobiles” , “Smartphones” and “Phones” , or just the name of the phone…….Samsung etc…..

    Im done with 3D.

    Its been emotional , but I have seen the light and the time has come to leave this thread.

    Have fun with 3D then Holo all.

    P.S. If you like any of my remaining 3D names, drop me a line and I will pass it to you for FREE.

    P.P.S To all the people who will say “you sold it too early” , believe you me, it was not early enough!!!!

    Chow .


  10. Giles says

    Wow, Stu, what a ride

    I will say you sold too early, but that name is probably not as good as some other names out there, especially short, brandable names

    I think phones/mobiles/cellphones are just something so common in out lives that it doesn’t matter what new tech they get, people still use the same terms

    I do think you need to stick it out a little longer rather than chuck the towel in on all your names, its always worth keeping a few in your arsenal, especially after spending a decent amount of money on these names, at least hold a few to try and make some $$ rather than giving them away. Even the reg-fee names can at least get you your reg-fee back

    Anyway, good luck in the future in whatever you do mate

  11. Louise says

    My whole modus operandi has been to spend and spend and spend [mainly hand regs], and drop and drop and drop. Now, I’m content with the niches that are leftover. I mean, it’s a method. Filter out the less desirable ones, and keep the jewels! Feeling forced to drop less valuable domains brings the whole portfolio higher.

    Therefore, it wasn’t wasted time.

    I’m beginning to think the whole, “smartphone” term is ubiquitous, and people go back to saying, “phone,” as with “color tv” is simply, “tv.” HDTV will soon be an all but forgotten term.

  12. # says

    “3D” is like “color TV”. Generally, all TV is color. It’s assumed that TV is in color.

    No one searches for “color TV”.

    Similarly, no one searches for “2D” displays. Generally, all displays are 2D.

    3D displays may be “the next big thing” but by the time this technology gets “big” (read: consumers at every level can afford it), no one will be searching for “3D”. Generally, all displays will be 3D.

    Of course, if 3D domain names get traffic today, who cares? Let hype about future technology work in your favor (Microsoft succesfuly used the concept of vaporware to hold consumers’ interest for decades without ever having to deliver). Register the 3D names and hold. No loss.

    But how many 3D names do get traffic? And how many 3D devotees are paying to register 3D domain names with anything other than the thought of reselling them?

    Congrats to the registries selling 1000’s of registrations for 3D domain names.

    The winner is not he who owns 3D domains, it is he who is selling them, in bulk. And as it stands, that is the com registry and later secondary market scavengers like Sedo as the renewal fees become due.

  13. 3D is my life, is it yours too says

    This whole affair is making me reconsider some of my holdings. After much consternation, I’ve made some difficult choices. For instance, I will probably retain but might have to let go. Lots of hand wringing going on over here. But, some paring must be done.

  14. dmpartners says

    Stu 8000 lines of resolution glasses free 3D monitors will be here soon . Your making a huge mistake. email me I ll take all your names for free,

  15. Louise says

    @ DMPartners said: “Stu 8000 lines of resolution glasses free 3D monitors will be here soon . Your making a huge mistake. email me I ll take all your names for free.”

    I know – isn’t it the truth? With quad hd resolution and higher, 3D is going to become ubiquitous. You’ll have the choice to watch in 3D or 2D quad hd definition.

    Nomura’s analysts in Asia have said they expect to see Samsung “apply plastic substrate-based, bendable or curved displays for smartphones from [the second quarter of] 2012,” and cite equipment manufacturers in Korea as their sources.
    Apple Under Pressure As Samsung Preps Foldable Screens

  16. says

    Hi guys,

    Well stu’s message re lack of interest in is very interesting, yes this whole 3D thing is a huge letdown, I hand built and, thinking that the huge rush of interest in in this tech would let me retire lol, but its hardly been noticed by anybody, traffic is abysmal, I just dont get it. I even went out and bought a LG 3D phone and I think its an amazing piece of technology.

    But still a year later, nobody I meet has ever heard about the 3D phone thing. Ive never seen any advertising, its never in the media, just like they didnt happen.

    Ive given up dev on those sites and they have dropped right off the serps from number 1.

    So now working on the new cloud computing craze, tech review sites etc

    Somebody in the android marketing division needs a kick up the but.

    Yes also I have 100 + domains with 3D this and 3D that, what a waste of money, so I feel for you stu, a real shame, if only apple had released the new ipad or iphone as 3D, then there would finally be some coverage.

  17. says

    Ps something I probably should tell you guys who are looking to make a living from Internet Marketing, I am a web designer with 12 years experience, run my own servers, site builds, freelance teams etc, and running about 30 or so blogs across all difference niches, and what nobody tells you when you start off, is to make any money at all from adsence, CPA Affiliate marketing, you need a min of 5ooo unique visits a day to your site, I have about 3 x 10,000 a day and that just covers expenses. So unless you have a totally great product or service to sell, thinking you can buy a few domains, through up a site and make money, not a chance.

    Banner advertising is a waste of time for low traffic sites, the CPC is about .5% tops, so it ends up costing more then you make.

    Also domains, unless you own a primary keyword domain, good luck selling them we bought over 500 a few years back and its very very hard to shift any of these, even though some are what I would call “gems”, still need to find a buyer, and the market is swapped, nobody wants to spend the money.

    So people on here trying to find long tails, honestly thing about it again, 99% of those domains will expire unsold.

    I learn t this lesson the hard way, so hopefully this may prevent somebody buying, a domain like and thinking they will make money from it.

    good luck guys

  18. Louise says

    @ Mike said: “Ive never seen any advertising, its never in the media, just like they didnt happen.”

    That’s why I think, future trend is hard. Because, it’s on us to promote the niches. Like it’s an obligation. We have the domains; we actually have to promote the niches we want to see succeed.

    And the large corps are waiting for us, releasing products with great technology, hoping the blogosphere and twitter cause it to explode.

    The Kyocera Echo had mostly great reviews, even from an Apple blog – he loved it! But it went off market before the end of the last year.

  19. dmpartners says

    There is no doubt the marketing departments are waiting for glasses free 3D before they spend any money on 3D advertising, Apple makes me sick They are reselling the same BS products over and over again, The IPAD should have been 3D what a inept company. Big deal 4G Ipad so what. When 8000 lines of resolution glasses free 3D computers and TVs are introduced is when the world will wake up.
    If you see 3D as being big like I do than relax and renew your domains like we are,, All we are doing is getting rid of big stretch names. It was the stupid glasses that stopped 3D when those are gone the 3D game will start all over again It will happen

  20. Giles says’re funny BullS…you always seem to say that after you see some sales, coincidence maybe, maybe not lol

    You keep a close eye on thread for someone who hates it…..mmmm

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