The Next BIG Thing Is 3D: Who Owns Best Domains? (Hint: Its not Me, Frank, Kevin Or Even Rick )

I sure blew this one.

But at least I’m not alone.

The next big thing is going to be 3D.

3D was the talk of the Consumers Electronic Show in Vegas in January.

3d Tv’s are already on sale and the World Cup was broadcast by Directv in 3D.

ESPN is launching its own 3D channel any day now on Directv.

Yup its going to be huge and I missed to boat completely.

However it doesn’t look like I’m alone.

Looking through the best 3D domains I could think of it doesn’t look like Frank, Kevin or even Rick  locked up any of the best 3D domains or at least what I consider to be the best of the best.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look to see who owns the best of the 3D domains.

Lets start with the 5 star domain for the topic,

Its owned under privacy at Network Solutions.

The domain name was created all the way back in 1994.

The domain goes to a Net Sol, parked page so whoever owns it, isn’t making any money off of it, and it does get thousands of visitors a month according to Compete and Alexa.

A Waste.

3DTV.COM Is owned by an end user, Brad Beckerman of Beverly Hills, California

Its actually a pretty cool flash site you should check it out.

3DTELEVISION.COM and are owned by an end user, Deep Vision 3D, of  Hollywood, CA, although the domain is not resolving properly for me the company sells 3DGlasses on the 2nd domain.

The domain, 3-DGLASSES.COM is owned by an end user, Theatric Support of  Studio City, California

3DTVS.COM is registered to Jon Schultz of  Blue String Ventures, Inc.

The domain, goes to a parked page and is under privacy.

Ted Amaradidis of Delray Beach Florida, owns  3-DMOVIES.COM and and

3DTELEVISIONS.COM is owned by domainer,  Gregg Ostrick of  GNO, Inc.

3DSPORTS.COM is owned by our good friend Chad Folkening of  Ecorp.

3DMOVIETHEATERS.COM is owned by Ralf Schumacher, who is another fellow I know pretty well.

3DTHEATERS.COM is owned by a Daniel Symmes of  Woodland Hills, CA and is another domain not resolving properly.

The domain name,  3DADVERTISING.COM is owned by our good friend Stephen Douglas of Success Click.

The domain is owned by Scott Bennett of  Glasgow who is using it for a blog.

3DGAMES.COM is owned by another good friend and ICANN’s worst nightmare, George Kirikos.

3D.TV and 3-D.Tv are both owned by a Guy named Ben Geren.

(If you are not familiar with Mr. Geren He also owns some of the best possible .FM domains,  including Rock.FM, HipHop.FM, Classical.FM, and Country.FM, ClassicRock.FM, and Oldies.FM just to name a few as well as some pretty good .TV Domains including,, and

Congrats boys, you own part of the future and you all kicked my ass.


  1. Giles says


    I guess the same reason regged all the .net and .org names and the other names related to this product.

    I mean if they were going to register something, surely they should have got the exact product name in the .COM…instead they they settle for the .NET ( and the .COM with the keywords the wrong way around? (

    I know they will use and/or as their main site, but then why reg all these names in lesser extensions the day after you announce it??

    They should have rather just emailed the guy with the .COM and bought it off him if they really wanted another domain and left the others alone

    I mean they can certainly afford to buy the names they want? Strange if you ask me…

  2. Lu chang says the owner shouldn’t park as its gonna soon have there products ads

    Thus allowing Microsoft to wipo them

    There probably going to go that route anyway

  3. Louise says

    Any tablet or phone domain with, Surface, in it, I’d toss right back out there – it’s trademark!

    @dmpartners, cool video!

    @ Giles, it shows the poor quality protection MarkMonitor delivers. Sorry, but Mark Monitor is not proactive protecting its clients . . . Many times it registers terrible domains in advance of a product launch of one of its clients, but leaves out the important domains.

    Only two domains in my portfolio I had 2nd thoughts they are trademark, so I allowed them to drop.

  4. Giles says


    I have checked and there isn’t a surface trademark for tablets in particular, lots of other “Surface” product trademarks

    Thats why the generic names like I have are fine, they can be used in a variety of industries and don’t imply anything about tablets…computers etc

    Surface is a very generic work and very difficult to TM

    I have these names

    Just had another offer on each this morning ($200)

  5. Louise says

    It appears trademark to me . . . It was in use by Samsung & Microsoft with regard to its touch screen tables . . . I wouldn’t want anything to do with it. Who are you going to sell it to: LG? Apple? But I see your point.

    I wonder if it’s part of the big betrayel that Steve Jobs complained of, before his passing . . . Samsung used, Surface and manufactured the touch screen tables, before Microsoft took it over. Maybe Apple wanted the brand and the tech . . .

  6. Giles says

    Louise, I have checked already and its fine

    But the point is, stay away from a surface tablet name, that is showing exactly what you want it for, a name like surfaceforum can be used for any surface product,

    Lol, no it won’t be sold to a big company like Samsung, someone will want it for a forum site though

    I’ve also had the names before any TM was in place

  7. dmpartners says

    Thanks to Louise Im in the Bendy game

    Just picked up the trifecta


    Left 3DBendyTV for you L…

    Samsung is spending 55 million to roll out the Bendy

  8. Elliot says

    “bendy” isn’t even a word – and nobody…I’m saying NOBODY will spend advertising dollars on “bendy” anything.

    you folks have wasted your money on nothing.

  9. dmpartners says

    “bendy” isn’t even a word – and nobody…I’m saying NOBODY will spend advertising dollars on “bendy” anything.

    Bendy is an awesome Word . Very brandable. Thats what this game is about Elliot beating them to the punch.

    Amoled is not a word either and they use it.

    Goggle was not a word either.

    I think you get it now

    3dBendytabs coming soon

  10. dmpartners says

    Actually it is a word

    adj bendier, bendiest
    1. flexible or pliable
    2. having many bends a bendy road

  11. Louise says

    @ Elliot, you’re entitled to your opinion!!! Bendy is my and Gazzip’s niche, who has BendyPhone. Someone else has, BendyPhones. Someone had BendyTV dot com, before I got it, so, you’re not saying, just I’m wrong, but all of the above . . . What do you think of DualScreenApps dot com?

  12. Snoopy says



    Cut up the credit cards, have people not heard yet? 3d has flopped & even for the most obvious use, 3d tv the growth is on the wane (think millions of 3d glasses in the bottom of cupboard drawers – thats where mine are, used once). Even still those would have to be the worst 3d domains I have seen yet.

  13. dmpartners says

    Sure 3D has flopped shows how far off you are 3D Mammograms 3D Printing 3D Movies Glasses free 3D 4 k rolling out
    3D Advertising HUGE now BENDY Tabs in 3d the list goes on and on

  14. Louise says

    You’re turning into me, @ DMPartners! posting news on keywords which you own on dot com! Nice ad! 😀

    Brightcove CEO demos dual-screen apps

  15. says

    Calm down folks…revert your anger into good karma energy.

    Remember ,domaining is just a BS word game.

    have fun and read “BullS” everyday and make it your homepage.

  16. dmpartners says

    @ Aggo sold for 500 thousand dollars that say’s it all. My domain will sell for 2 million get ready we are going to rock your world pal. GLASSES FREE 3D can you say it ? Ok now say it this way 4K Glasses Free 3D and then add 1 more word computers. When Apple releases the 1Pad in 3D its game over pal . And guess what your not even in the game

    YOU LOSE….

  17. Louise says

    Flexible display phones made from graphene substrates will offer huge battery life, and be less breakable, ideal for students.

    Cameras and 3D screens depend on different technology. They’re not compatible, necessarily.

    Flexible display devices will be distinguished from high resolution screens capable of 3D. or high res cameras. It’s either one or the other.

  18. Louise says

    3D tech depends very much the angle the images are hitting your eye. I don’t see how that is compatible with, “bendy” tech.

  19. Jay says

    @dmpartners – from all that I’ve read, unfortunately, it looks like 4K will be more popular than 3D, I was just late to the table.

  20. 3d games says

    The Shape of Things to Come

    Overall spending on 3D printers is forecast to reach $1.5 billion this year, up 15% from 2011,

    3D printing ‘bigger than internet’

    3D Systems Reports Second Quarter Results

  21. 3d games says

    sceptics can say what they want but i bet every one of them wishes they had a strong 3d printing name sitting there
    about 3 years i have said about this now,been laughed at mocked and all the time i have been smiling right back at them and guess what i am still smiling and will be for some time

    ft domainers are smarter than the players who sit on the so called big names rememeber guys they are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them considering you all have been holding massive portfolios for a serious number of years selling a few if you are lucky says it all back up the mocks with constant sales then you get my respect until then yeh well you know what i am saying lmao.
    theres a certain someone out there thats specially aimed at i just hope hes still browsing around and still looking for those multi million dollar sales not seen one yet from you since you had the front to mock me now whos a fool for saying what he did lmao
    enjoy your silly empire its worth nothing
    i told you i am under no illusions and what i said then still stands now what you said has fallen flat

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