12 Three Number .Mobi’s Are Dropping Tomorrow

It’s pretty unusual to see three number domains dropping, but tomorrow it looks like there are at least 12 three number .mobi doing just that.

I’m not big on .mobi but I know some of you are and 3 numbered domains are always in demand.














  1. Will says

    NNN, LLL, LLLL, CVCV … in most extensions are often mostly domainer currency and collectables. In the annual drop season of any newer extension you’ll see pretty nice names dropping from impatient early speculators. NNNs are no exception. But what can you really do with it an NNN? Other than an area code tie-in…

    The vast majority of NNNs, LLLLs, CVCVs, and “brandables” are not the best long term speculation if you want to appeal past the limited circle of domain industry and reach the much larger universe of real-world businesses.

    Domainers should get past their own neighborhood “dot”. Each extension has its place and .mobi’s place is mobile. There’s no question that the mobile web is going to be huge and if .mobi is even a very small part of that ever-expanding pie then it will do okay.

    Many global and local companies are adopting and using .mobi. See for yourself – it’s obvious if you watch for .mobi site news and announcements – before writing off the .mobi extension. This guy seems to be the most prolific in posting and up to date in documenting .mobi adoption: http://www.okok.com

    Is an NNN better in .tel ?? maybe – but for what purpose? What can you put on that NNN.tel “page”?

    Proclaiming something as finished without being involved with it or taking the time to look deeply enough into it is a shame and probably a missed opportunity. Come on – Check it out. Get past the typical domainer “com-net-org” bias. Bashing and pitting one domain extension against another is more like a fan sport. It’s the unseemly facet of this industry I don’t care for at all. It makes this a weaker industry, not a better one.

    NNNs are like vanity plates – fun to have one or two but there’s so many better places to put the rest of your focus. IMO. Great .mobi keyword term names can be picked up inexpensively and used – actually used to develop websites containing both mobile and full PC sized content.


  2. JS says

    If it doesn’t get type in traffic like “.com” and you discount the slight trust factor of “.org” and “.net”, then is there really any difference between “.mobi” and any other extension.

  3. Don says

    I think that you will see a lot of people bidding on these from out of the country. Like I have said .mobi is more popular out of the US. Not everyone has a computer in other countries. Esp in South Africa.

    Many domainers think that the US is the only place to do business. You have 8 billion other people. >com will always rule though.

    >mobi will have it’s place and it will never go away. 3 of 4 we have sold are out of the country.

    I am going to guess these names will go in the range of 500 to 2k. I am not to big on .mobi but if people want what you have and you can make a profit, sell it.


  4. says

    While I hold only a few dot mobi urls (trevor.mobi was not one of my best however), I really do appreciate it when I get a notice of potentially profitable or interesting domains coming available.

    Thanks, MHB!

  5. says

    This is just the start.

    Except for the couple of people, who have more money than common sense, and made november good for mtld, most of the total registered graph has been downwards.

    From what I’ve seen most people can’t even seem to give them away.

  6. says

    I was at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago last night and almost fell over hearing 2 big dog Seo guys talking .mobi. They didn’t pooh pooh it…that’s all I can say :)

  7. says

    MediaWebPlus.com is investing in dot mobi and will not stop this habit.
    .mobi will have great future and we expect to invest in 1 Million Dollars domain names in the next 5 years.

    We are expanding our portfolio based on a rigid strategy and we will reach there by 2012

    Stats for dot mobi are exciting and companies are shifting to .mobi as well as advertisers who are expecting to promote and exceed their spending by 10% compared to last year 2009

    Nidal Kadri

  8. MHB says



    Can you tell us 5 of the best .mobi’s your company owns?

    Have you built any of them out and if so can you give us any examples?

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