Some .CM Prices In Free Fall, As Bidders Pass On NameJet Auctions

We told you about the earlier results of the .cm auctions at at the beginning of the month.

However, the prices of  many of the .cm domains selling at, have been in a free fall, as bidders are passing on their chance to grab the domains.

.cm auctions have been operating differently than normal auctions.

Normally when a bidder defaults at auction, the domain is re-auctioned.

However, with .cm domain auctions, has not  been re-auctioning domains, but rather simply offering them to the next highest bidder.

Many times,  the next highest bidder didn’t want the domain either, resulting in an actually selling price well off the initial price.

Here are just a few examples: sold on 9.1 for $51,300, rejected by the 2nd high bidder on 9.15 at $51,100 and sold on 9.16 for $21,700. sold on 9.1 for $5,200, rejected by the 2nd high bidder on 9.15 at $5,100 and sold on 9.16 for $2K. sold on 9.1 for $2,013, rejected by the 2nd bidder on 9.15 at $933 and sold on 9.16 for $60. sold on 9.1 for $7,300, rejected by the 2nd bidder on 9.15 at $6,999, rejected by the 3rd high bidder on 9.16 at $6,300, sold to the 4th high bidder on 9.17 for $1,580.

The worst price drop of a .cm domain name, I have on my sheet, is sold on 9.1 for $17,800, rejected by the 2nd bidder on 9.15 at $7,800, rejected by the 3rd bidder on 9.16 at $3,300, and sold to the 4th bidder on 9.20 for $310.

So went from selling for $17,800 all the way down to $310.

And you thought the stock market was bad.


  1. says

    Nice to see some of these bidders come back to reality. Although they should have a different system. If you are going to bid you should have a credit line at these auction places.

  2. says

    Damn. That stinks.

    If I’m watching a name then I don’t bid if it goes above my price, and yet I would’ve easily paid more than $2k for

    They should’ve reauctioned, imo.

  3. Domain Investor says

    It only takes 2 bidders to make a bidding price go thru the roof.
    And, if the 2 bidders have a reality check, the prices will tumble when re-auctioned (as you pointed out).

  4. MHB says



    I think there were several factors at work.

    For one, a very liberal policy by Enom and on .cm domains, which is basically if you didn’t want the domain, you just tell them and they take it off your account.

    Number 2, people realized that Yahoo and Google were not going to let you park these like a regular domain. You are going to have to monetize these through affiliate programs or through existing sites.

    Finally, its the psychology of auctions.

    In a auction the more bidders there are the more excitement there is, the higher the auction goes, the more interest there is.

    This worked in reverse.

    Once people saw others pulling out, they were unwilling to step up in 2nd, 3rd or even 4th position to take the domain on.

  5. says

    I think the big question is if these names would show up in google search results in the American space. I doubt they will. I suspect if you only went to google cameroon version would they be considered relevant and pop up in the search results.

  6. Peter says

    So what’s up with Whoever paid $21,700 is doing nothing with it. It doesn’t resolve as of Feb 24, 2010 via my ffox browser here in Canada.

    No sex and definitely no clicks for them tonight :)

    Btw what would be the best strategy to monetize that domain?

  7. MHB says

    Peter didn’t sell for $51K or $21K as far as I tracked it, it went all the way back to $350 and not sure anyone ever bought it from that point

  8. says

    Does anyone know if anything happened with SEX.CM ? Whether if it really sold for $21k or some other price?

    The whois shows a Korean guy owns it and parking it now on some platform…

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