Casino.Mobi Sells For $135K

Moniker just announced that it has brokered the sale of to Infomeda Ltd for $135,000.

This sale represents the second highest price ever paid for a .mobi name.

As you may recall, sold for $200K, for $100K for $85,000.

Certainly this  is the highest priced paid for a .mobi since the extension’s initial release premium auctions held at TRAFFIC shows in 2007.

The resale market for .Mobi’s  has been very quite, to say the least, almost non-existent, over the last year, making this sale even more surprising.

For example, during the last TRAFFIC show Moniker Auction, the highest selling .mobi domain according to my records was which sold for $1K.

Will this sale heat up other .mobi sales and reinvigorate the whole extension?

Certainly this should give .mobi a huge boost which it desperately needed

We congratulate all parties.

Here is some more info according to the press release:

Infomeda plans to use the name as an online portal, with location-based information for bricks-and-mortar casino locations, reviews of mobile casinos as well as “fun money” casino-style games and gaming tools.  The site has launched a beta version, and an official release is expected later this month.

“This is a very strong sale for both parties in this transaction,” said Cahn.  “Gaming enthusiasts are very interested in online applications, and continually growing interest in the mobile Web indicates that the site will perform well when it launches.”

dotMobi CEO Trey Harvin concurred with Cahn and added, “It’s great to see the value of .mobi names recognized in dollars. It’s even more meaningful to see the name used to identify content that takes advantage of mobile phones and gives game-players a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be duplicated on a desktop PC.”


  1. says

    My favorite thing in the world is looking up a domain name that you “Think” you may own but are not sure and find out that you actually do own it. In this case, I own and something tells me the value just went up a tad.

    You always give me such good news Mike!!

  2. says

    This is certainly a top keyword and the audience interest spans a broad age range. People do develop online businesses. No need to pre-judge. Enjoy the sale, wait and see what’s next. :-)

  3. Domain Investor says

    Who was the seller?
    I notice .mobi marked it at the registry as a premium domain.

    Did .mobi sell it?
    Or, was it sold at a Moniker auction in the past and again re-sold?

  4. says

    Mark & everybody hi.

    This one shouldn’t remind you of and other un-developed premium names. Indeed still in beta, but take a look –, even better from your mobile!
    I haven’t seen any other .mobi site that well developed.

  5. says

    Great domain & great sale.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Rick sell the plural for even more, even though the singular is far better.
    Be great to see the site when finished

  6. Auction_com says

    Great news for long term .mobi investors.

    Just waiting for the second big .mobi news to be released.

    Well done Rick on owning Casinos

  7. says

    Just to correct your article where you say its the second highest .mobi sale. It’s not.
    These two sold in 2007: $150,000 $145,000

    also dont forget sold for over 400k at auction and sold for $616,000 i believe. Sedos servers got took down and there were squabbles. Remember? The sale of took place in private with lawyers, mtld etc and fair to assume price must have been low – mid xxx,xxx but couldnt be revealed.

    But i make this 4th largest sale, possibly lower, i have to check some other stats, but poker and ringtones are recorded sales

  8. says

    Nice to see this .mobi sale.

    Can’t wait to see some more in the future.

    We have world’s best Spanish .mobi portfolio and keeping our fingers crossed.


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