ThePirateBay.Org ISP Ordered To “Shut It Down”

In the latest twist of a story we have been following for a while, the ISP which serves as the main backbone for the filing sharing site, (Black Internet) was ordered today to stop servicing the site today or face penalties.

According to various news sources as of 9:30 a.m. PT, appeared to be mostly inaccessible.

Although other ISP’s carry the site, Black Internet was its main backbone.

In other news today,  the official,  Swedish government run debt-collection agency, commonly referred to as the bailiff, said it could find no attachable assets belonging to 3 of the 4 founders of the site.

The 4 founders were sentenced in April to one year in jail, and fined $3.6 Million Dollars,  they have appealed .

As we reported back in June, ThePiratebay.Org was sold for $7.8 million dollars.

The buyer had plans to turn the site into a “legal” site where copyrighted material would not be allowed to be freely shared.

However, last week that company hit with two major issues which may delay or stop the sale.

First, on Friday Swedish officials launched a criminal probe of the company that agreed to buy, for possible insider trading.

According to reports, Global Gaming’s stock rose sharply a week before the company announced its plans to acquire

Second in an unrelated move, trading in Global Gaming shares was halted by the Swedish stock exchange on Friday,  after officials requested proof that Global Gaming had enough money to complete the purchase of site,  saying they will not let trading resume in the shares until they have furnished  proof of funds to the exchange’s satisfaction, which of this morning they still have not.

Seems like another mess involving the highly controversial site.


  1. TKILLA0988 says

    Its back up yay………………….

    @INFORMATION IS FOR ALL–I know i was being a smart ass…lol…

    @Hacker46644–Yea i kinda fig…it was gay they locked up those guys in my country for the T.P.B.

  2. Coolio says

    Honestly, you guys should all get real. Piracy is not good for anybody in the long run. Maybe go outside and get some fresh air?

  3. downloader says

    bit torrents are here to stay, shutting down one site will never stop us, the media industry will never rob us blind again


    “Honestly, you guys should all get real. Piracy is not good for anybody in the long run. Maybe go outside and get some fresh air?”

    No Piracy generally isnt good. Free Information sharing Is very good tho, and should continue to be practiced by all who are able.

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