It’s Offical; Is Introduced: “We Needed A Name That Says This Is All About Search”

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer formally introduced Microsoft new search platform today at the All Things Digital conference hosted by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the Journal,  the search engine “is different from its predecessor and rivals’ search engines, with search results displayed on the left hand side of the Web page.   It also allows users to access a range of categories of search, which Microsoft hopes will give consumers more search options. Microsoft has targeted four distinct categories of search: shopping, local, travel and health. Each search will prompt a more detailed range of search options.”

As for their choice of name for the search engine Ballmer was quoted as say “We Needed A Name That Says This Is All About Search” and apparently Microsoft thought that says search.

For me I still think of cherries.


  1. says

    I think of Bingo!! Only that it is hardly a bingo effect here.

    The only thing I can say about this one is that Microsoft has the money to spend to make a household name. is short, but it barely passes the radio test.

    I think for domainers who invest in pronounceable names, this will help to boast the value of their portfolios.

  2. says

    I think it is stupid. People forget that google is a real word which means to look at something. In my youth in was mostly used in connection with girls as in “get a google of that”

    Anyway picking a word out of thin air is stupid.

  3. says

    It seems like every new search engine spends all their time making themselves “different” then the previous engines. Some allow visual searches, other more detailed searches in other ways. As long as they keep focusing on being different Google will still be king. We don’t care if the engines are “different” we just want them better.

    You don’t out sell Walmart by creating a brand new shopping experience, you just make your product more affordable and your customer service more professional. We humans like to stick with methods we grow accustomed to.

    Just design a search engine that does what Google does, in the manner that Google does it but better… suggestions,

    – don’t allow spammy advertisers like scam government grants and Acai Juice diets
    – Consistently return high quality results but make finding those results simple.
    – Allow the search engine to be personalized (color coordination… perhaps a personal logo/title at the top) so users will feel dedicated to the process.

    This is what it would take to build a good search engine… why do search engines keep missing the forest for the trees?

  4. says

    Per the comment about – What about – the brain trust at UDRP would find both a typo of – Now

  5. says

    the search results look more like a 1 click lander at a parking company, with some not so obvious organic results thrown in.

  6. Jackobatzee says

    I think it reminds me of one of the Friends characters…Chandler Bing.

    So, let me get this straight…MSFT has a search engine that is most used next to or along with AOL (1997)
    Yahoo comes by and eats some of their lunch along with some other search engines. (Alta…etc.)

    Then google comes out and give the people what they want.

    So Yahoo, who controls the content back then atarts to alienate their customers but making their searches useless.

    Google gains market share by giving people what they want…relevant searches.

    MSN (msft) become a useless search engine.

    Recently, MSFT creates LIVE and it is buggy and pointless.

    Now they have Bing.

    This is speeding up the funeral for MSFT and google is so cocky they are starting to alienate their users.

    Now, all we need is someone who knows how to make a search engine that works and google gets dethroned.

    MSFT is dead in 10 years.
    Yahoo gets absorbed by someobody
    No way you say? I have 3 letters for you AOL!
    I saw that one coming. Everyone said…NO WAY!

    The trend is the minute you get so big you don’t remember why you are relevant, you die like a dinosaur.

    Any of this making sense?

    Give the people what they want…and hopefully, you can squeeze some of your wishes in there too.

    Is that so difficult?

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