How Much Is a 17 year Old Domain Worth & How Would You Like To Own It?

Your eyes are not deceiving you.

The question is how much is a domain with a creation date of 3/27/1992 worth to you?

The domain is and its up for auction on Godaddy’s expired domain auction.

So what does reticular mean you ask?

According to Wikipedia:

“””The reticular formation is a part of the brain that is involved in actions such as awaking/sleeping cycle, and filtering incoming stimuli to discriminate irrelevant background stimuli. It is essential for governing some of the basic functions of higher organisms, and is one of the phylogenetically oldest portions of the brain.””

Ok I don’t understand it either.

You know what else I don’t understand; is why someone who knew enough to register a domain WAY back in 1992 registered this one.  Why not register or, or even or for that matter.

Is “reticular” the first and only thing that came to mind when this person registered this domain?

Who knows.

What I do know is that this auction closes on in just over 2 days on May 1 and the bidding is already at $6,505.

According to Godaddy, the domain only gets 15 visitors a month, so other than owning possibly the oldest domain name in the world, why would someone spend quite a bit of money to own it?


  1. MHB says


    I Didn’t say it was the oldest domain registered, I said it was one of the oldest.

    Certainly for a drop domain, I can’t remember ever seeing one this old, can you?

  2. MHB says


    Well its older than,,, and just for starters.

    What domain have you seen in the last couple of months from the 1980’s on

  3. D says

    I have no chance of finding them but I recall one domain from 1989 sold also for thousands – otherwise totally worthless domain

  4. D says

    Oldest domain SYMBOLICS.COM – would be worth without it 3-digit$, or 20th oldest BELL-ATL.COM – totally worthless domain from domainers point of view etcetera

  5. says

    Sadly, uneducated domainer’s bidding based on a value that really doesn’t have a value.

    It’s pretty clear this domain is being bid up based on domain age, but the real value in this domain is it’s Keyword and it doesn’t hold much if any value.

  6. says

    Everyday i check TDNAM oldest domains to catch, but i allways fail because im very sllepy. but i found this domain few domains ago with no bids, so i made the first bid on this domain hoping i will get this domain below 500$. but unfortunetly it goes way over my price. but im still happy, because i made the first bid on this domain 😀

  7. Bruce says

    Over 6k for a domain that gets 15 hits a month? Wow, I was going to bid $50 on one that gets 30 hits a month but the owner will probably find that insulting.

  8. says

    People are obsessed with the age of a domain but like the poster said above…it has no keyword value. Why didn’t this person buy Something…he could be asking $10,000,000 right now :)

  9. says

    Google trusts the aged domain name more than a newly registered one because they have been around for a while. Alot of factors and way to find and purchase aged domain names with a good price, you can purchased old aged domains from different sources as long as they are reliable and has the list of high standard aged domains. I recently got mine from and godaddy.

  10. says

    Why not buy like an intelligent guy did? This guy scored a huge $2 million payday at Sedo back in 2008.

    The truth is that this guy never purchased to make money. He didn’t buy,, and any other domain name to retain as a future investment. He probably wasn’t thinking about making revenue.

    1993 is probably the year domain names gained attention. I believe this is when Network Solutions took a big step toward domain names. The rest is history. GoDaddy changed the face of the domain industry. The dot com bust opened up doors for elite domineers to scoop up the best domain names back in 2002.

    It all starts with a portfolio. You can’t sell domain names unless you own them. You have to retain older names, as well. I seriously doubt this domain owner planned to make a fortune with domain names.

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