.Mobi to Release 1 and 2 Character Domains

dotMobi, the registry for .mobi, announced that they will make available .mobi domain names with one and two alphanumeric characters, such as q.mobi, k9.mobi, 13.mobi or ny.mobi.

Companies may submit expressions of interest for a one or two character .mobi domain by visiting http://dotmobi.mobi/onechar.

dotMobi will respond to requests from interested brands who provide specific concepts for the mobi domain requested. All formal applicants will then be required to complete a proposal and contract process.

dotMobi does not currently have permission to release the 246 domain names that are used as ISO country codes. You can see this list at http://www.iso.org/iso/country_codes/iso_3166_code_lists/english_country_names_and_code_elements.htm

The announcement did not discuss pricing of the domain or how they would be awarded if more than one application was received for the same domain.

For more information on dotMobi domains and registration information, visit http://dotmobi.mobi. For mobile site development information, see http://mobiForge.com. For marketing your mobile site, see http://mobiThinking.com. Visit the dotMobi blog at http://blog.mobi.


  1. says

    I still havent got the .mobi market yet – I dont know if they shall see big bucks for these domains in the present market?

    Interesting to see what happens with them and who buys them.



  2. SEO Cop says

    Robbie – Reg Free Names – quote –
    “I still havent got the .mobi market yet – I dont know if they shall see big bucks for these domains in the present market?”

    I’m really getting tired of seeing your comment on EVERY blog on the net, just to pump your own website. You are only doing it for SEO.

    All you say is “Interesting to see what happens”.

    I know it is also annoying to others because they have mentioned it to me.

    Why don’t you take a vacation from linking to your site.

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