It’s Great To Be A Florida Gator

As a proud member of the Gator Nation, I have to brag on my boys winning their second National BCS Football Championship in the last three years, by defeating a very good Oklahoma Sooners team, in Miami Thursday night, 24-14.

Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and a stellar defense, made Coach Urban Meyers, the first coach to win two BCS National Championships.

As we all know great achievements are hard to accomplish.  At times like these I think of all the sports fans who never get to experience victory.  I feel for the poor Cubs fans, who rooted for their team there whole life, never to see them win.  With that in mind, I feel very fortunate that I was in attendance in Glendale 2 years ago and today to see both BCS Champinionships.

So its time to celebrate, jump up and down, because today, like the cheer goes, “its great to be a Florida Gator.”


  1. Don says

    The Utah Utes are the champs 13-0. They destroyed Alabama and beat them worse the gators did.

    This years title will always have an * by the team.

    Playoff system would create double the money for teams and networks.. Hardly anyone tunes into these stupid bowl games anymore.

  2. MHB says


    Florida beat 11 bowl teams.

    Utah beat Alabama without the best tackle in college football and a top 5 pick in next years draft, Andre Smith.

    We beat Alabama without or second best player, Percy Harvin.

    Utah Utah needed missed kicks to get by a TCU team that Oklahoma creamed.

    The Utes also got pushed around by a miserable Michigan team and played three other games this year decided by seven points or fewer, including a 13-10 tussle with New Mexico.

    You played a nice game against an SEC team in the Sugar, good job, but one game does not a season make.

    Try playing an LSU, Georgia, Alburn, Old Mis, Fl state, every week and then we’ll talk.

  3. MHB says

    UPDATE 2

    Regarding the comment that no one watches these games, ratings for the National Championship were released today ratings were up 16% from the previous year,

    Nielsen said 26.8 million people watched the game, 3.7 million more than last year’s LSU-Ohio State, which earned 23.1 million viewers.

    Still great to be a Gator

  4. Johnny D says

    I think a playoff system should be in order. The Gators lost to Mississippi and they are national champs, does not make sense. Last time this happened Utah went 13-0 and beat Pittsburgh in the fiesta bowl.. by 30 or so points.

    Someone mentioned that their best player did not play on the offensive line for Alabama. Your talking defense and kruger would of got by him. 21 points in first quarter, Utah played to win the game after that instead of blowing them out by 30 points.

    Its all about the money abuse will lead to change just like what has happened in the parking companies. They will be obselete in 2 years anyway in my opinion.

    Utah beat Oregon which beat USC so USC has no right to anything, and the big old Alabama was so strong and basically playing on home court that they got beat and embarssed that whole conference, just like what boise state did to oklahoma 2 years prior.

    Utah is clear winner. 13-0, but they all missed out on by not having Utah play Florida. Think about it, Urban Meyer which was Utah’s old coach, yep noboddy seems to remember that, How about him up against his old assistant coach Kyle. Rating would be much higher.

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