Sells on for $34,800

The domain sold on for $34,800.

The domain which seems to have just a little traffic, with an alexa ranking of over 1.5 million.

As a buyer of adult domains, it seems like a steep price to pay unless you own (which has a tons of traffic) and its a defensive acquisition.

Moreover, is a registered Servicemark.

We will see if this one stands up.


  1. says

    I get buyer’s remorse after an ‘iffy’ $59 dropcatch like I can’t imagine what the buyer is feeling right now.

  2. says

    Come on! This game sometimes gets ridiculus. I wouldn’t pay $59 for In fact I wouldn’t want it for free because you can’t develop anything on it. Anytime decides they want this domain they can have it. It will take 50 years to gain profit from adult ads with the little traffic it gets to justify $34K. Even worse, as soon as youtube get’s replaced by someone better like the value of tube farce will trickle down faster then dow jones can lose 1000 points. This might be only me but I wouldn’t pay $59 for in 2005 and if I did the paypal guys would just take Come to think of it, is much better then youtube. It’s easier for branding and more importantly you would avoid the dumbass tube offspring.

  3. says

    People which have a positive vision do recognize the potential in a domain name – the $$ value is in the Name (____.whatever domain extension) of the domain name.

    Traffic to a domain name comes and goes as people which do their search on search engines search for different words.

    If you will buy a domain name due to traffic then only buy one or two letter domain names as the traffic for those domain names will always be constant.

  4. steve macaroy says

    I don’t think I would bother with the risk of infringement when there are plenty of other names out there like “” or “”.

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