Report: Apple acquires

It appears the has acquired the domain

The domain is now registered at and the DNS servers have been recently updated. points to the domain administrator as Apple’s Ken Eddings, the same employee responsible for as well as many other Apple-owned domains, including

Apple uses for most of its domains including which has been rumored to be the replacement for the .Mac name

Does this acquisition give more credibility and worth to the new .me extension.?

Or will apple use the to claim infringement on some .me names?


  1. says

    Did not sell for $500,000 a few years back,
    Price must be close to $1,000,000 this time :)

    But it’s a name worrth of a million price tag surely.

  2. Seyi says

    I don’t think apple could have any right over .me ext. 1st: as long as one doesn’t use any of their trademarked names. 2nd: .me ext is already making ‘inroad’ in the industry before Apple bought; besides it would be an uphill battle for apple, think of 10s or 1000s domain owners with me exts. Would they sue everybody? I suspect Apple might be joining the “socialnetworking bandwagon”. Since we are in ‘Me-Me’ generation, I think the name would sell itself to the web users. Apple could make some dent in the market share by promoting the starting with iPoders and Mac-heads

  3. says


    I wonder how this will effect Demand Media’s Me.TV platform and registry (

    This is very interesting…

  4. says

    What is really interesting is the buzz that will be created in corporate circles as they discuss the “why’s ” of the buy.
    The answers can only bring other businesses closer to understanding why adding another memorable domain to a company like Apple is a stragegic part of their business plan.
    Like a domino, others will follow…..

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