The domains.com is now live. We are throwing our hat into the ring, to blog about all things domain.

We acknowledge and thank some of the brilliant thinkers who are already blogging about the domain name industry. Many of those blogs appear under our links section.

Hope you check back often and that we can add to your understanding of the industry.


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    Rick suggested that I look at your blog. I love the domain parking index! I think that I might write an article on it!
    I’ve been blogging for quite some time on domains and it’s great to have people of your expertise sharing their thoughts on all things related to domains.

    I’ve added your blog to the “domain resources” area of my site. You may also want to update the domain wiki on details about you and your blog.

  2. says

    Hey Michael..

    Peter Askew from Domainer’s Gazette here..

    love the blog (and your business), and couldn’t believe it when I saw some of your Whois info listed in Highlands NC..

    I’m up there all the time (I’m in Atlanta)..would love to meet up for coffee at Bucks, or a drink at On the Verandah if you were interested, just to talk shop.. (not sure if you’re up there full-time or not)

    I’ve been domaining and seomaining for about 2 years now (grabbed appalachiantrail.com a few months back)..

    drop me a line anytime..


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    Domaining industy is still considered in the infancy stage and there’s many opportunities for newbies to “grow” with the industry. Although most of the generic and brandable .com domains are snapped up, i believe there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone to be a successful domainer. We’re actually very glad that more domainers are creating great blogs to share their knowledge and success stories. Looking forward for great posts from you everyday……

    -Michael Cheok-
    CTO of DNHour.com

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