Google’s Domain Buying Spree Continues With &

Google Inc. continues it's onslaught of buying and registering domain names relating to its announcement on August 10, 2015 of it's  new holding company, Alphabet Inc. So much talk has been behind the domain acquisition, yet Alphabet Inc. has been on a domain buying spree every since buying many other domain names related to "ABC" and "Alphabet". I’m not sure how much Google has … [Read more...]

After 24 Hours of GA .Online did 37,544 Regs – Contest winner inside

Radix reported to us that number of registrations after 24 hours of General Availability was 37,544. The winner who guessed closest to the actual number was: John Aitken says AUGUST 20, 2015 AT 11:59 AM 32,670 registrations in first 24 hours. Congrats John, we will get Radix in touch with you for your free domain name. … [Read more...]

Apple Is Going Head to Head with iHeart Music Festival With Apple Music Fest: Domain Regs Say So

Is Apple planning on going head to head with Clear Channel's which has its music festival called iHeart Radio Music Festival? Well, Apple Inc. registered 11 new domain names relating to a Music Festival on August 4, 2015. Those new domain names are:,,,,, … [Read more...]

Domain Movers:, & More Domains

Here are the latest Domain Movers that I have detected that are all corporate related. These domain names will often relate to a future project of some sorts, like a future advertising campaign, new product or service etc. GmbH has acquired the domain names and ($10,099) both at Sedo. was acquired in September 2014 for $1 Million in a private … [Read more...]

Can The FTC Sue You For Lax CyberSecurity ?

A couple years ago after some famous website hack, I was sitting in a Chipolte and said to a friend that somewhere down the road companies are going to get sued big time for getting hacked if they were lax in their security. My friend told me I was an absolute moron. His take was that a company did not ask to be hacked and would have no way of knowing if they would be hacked. So today I was … [Read more...]

Meet The Owners of The Domain Name & It’s Not MLB But Actual Twins did a long and very detailed article about "the website MLB couldn't buy" and that website in reference is to one of only 3 domain names NOT owned by Major League Baseball (MLB), The story states: The Millers told me that they staked their claim to so early that they got it for free. It was the era of Internet land grabs, when all one had to do to rope off a … [Read more...]

One Guys Registered 15 Domains At $12,500 On .Loans/.Credit

.Loans and .Credit were two of the new gTLD extensions that went into the 1st day of the Early Access Program for collision domain names (EAP) Period yesterday and one guy, Ken Bramon of KB Productions Kirkland Canada spent around $180,000 registering new gTLD domain names. The wholesale cost to registrars a domain name is day one of EAP is $10,000. As each registrar sets the retail price … [Read more...]