Investing in Education Domains ? University of Phoenix has lost half its Students

For those domain investors out there that have a big chunk of education related domains, especially online education, the latest news out of University of Phoenix may be of interest. Enrollment is on the decline. Enrollment at America's largest for-profit university was about 460,000 students five years ago. Now it's 213,000. From CNN Money: What happened: Apollo's fast fall is another sign … [Read more...]

AT&T Plans To Watch Where You Go Online

AT&T may be able to out do Google when it comes to serving targeted ads according to an article on Ars Technica. Apparently AT&T watches everything that their customers do. In some areas you can pay more apparently and that allows you to get some privacy back. From the article: If you have AT&T’s gigabit Internet service and wonder why it seems so affordable, here's … [Read more...], & More Domain Movers

Welcome to Domain Movers which is a series that digs deep and detects domain movements by large corporations and companies around the web! These are often early indicators of upcoming new brands, services and more. The domain names have been either recently acquired in the domain name aftermarket, private purchases, new domain registrations and more. Here we go: CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. … [Read more...] Domain Acquired by Domo Inc. From ( LLC) has sold the premium generic domain name to Domo Inc. ( according to whois records! had a website on the domain name up until the early morning hours today, until started showing a mirrored site of with the domain name. I didn't see any press on it myself, but I did find a recent listing page … [Read more...]

Broadcasting War As Hit With UDRP By

Fashion Television International Limited which owns the domain name has filed a UDRP against The domain name has been registered to GmbH since at least January 2007. It appears the parties have been in litigation or at least threatened litigation for many years according to a page on According to, "FashionTV is … [Read more...]

March 2015 Dot Brand/New gTLD Trends

Vincent D'Angelo is Director, Global Brand Advisors at CSC Digital Brand Services. He put up some info on LinkedIn that were headlines from a report at Here are a few headlines: There are 800+ dotbrand registrations registered to date Within the dotbrand registrations, some of the most-used terms to the left of the dot are: nic (an obvious requirement), domaintest, www, … [Read more...]

Domain Movers:, & More

Welcome to the first ever Domain Movers series on TheDomains! If this is the first time you are seeing the series, this is what it's all about: Domain Movers are domain names that I dig hard to find that have been acquired by some of the largest companies in the world. These discoveries are often the very first time it is being published and may not be made public otherwise. These discoveries … [Read more...]