.Org Wholesale Price To Top $9 At The End of July

I just received a notice from enom.com informing me that the wholesale cost of that the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the Registry Operator for the .ORG domain, will be increasing its annual registration price by $0.80 USD. As a result of this, eNom will raise pricing for the .ORG domain name extension by $0.80 USD on July 31st. The last price increase by the .Org registry was in 2013 to … [Read more...]

Walmart Files UDRP For Walmart.vodka & Walmart.beer; Beyonce For BeyonceShop.com & Beyonceshopping.com

A bunch of UDRP have been filed in the last couple of days Walmart which previously filed and won a UDRP on the domain name Walmart.horse just filed  a UDRP on the domain name Walmart.beer and Walmart.vodka. Google filed a UDRP on the 11-year-old domain name GoogleArt.com Beyonce filed two separate UDRP for the domain names BeyonceShop.com which was registered in 2009 and & … [Read more...]

Projects.com Sells for $87,550 On SnapNames.com

The expired domain name auction for Projects.com just ended at Snapnames with  the domain name selling for $87,550. The winner bidder has the ID of: qursan There were 5 bidders at $80,000 or more including the winning bidder. We wrote about the auction when it started on Monday. There were 196 bidders in the domain auction.     … [Read more...]

Presidential Candidate & Governor Of Wisc Scott Walker Gets SW.Gop Domain

The Republican Presidential Candidate & Governor Of Wisconsin,  Scott Walker has gotten a new gTLD domain name SW.Gop. The domain name is currently resolving to the Governor's instagram account. The Governor already owns the domain name ScottWalker.com so it will be interesting to see what he does with SW.gop. According to the Governor's Twitter account @ScottWalker  the site on the … [Read more...]

Domain Movers: Poker.net, Benders.com And More Domains

Domain Movers is a series where I detect recent domain name movements, mainly all by large companies. These include domain name registrations, domain name acquisitions and domain names simply moving for one reason or another. My main source is the whois database on these changes and whois doesn't always reveal the exact or whole story so I try to back things up with other means but whois … [Read more...]

Time To Look at Online Education names as University of Phoenix Sees Drop off

The University of Phoenix is owned by Apollo Education Group which trades publicly under the symbol of APOL. The company reported dismal earnings and is now laying off 900 employees. The company has watched half of their enrollment drop in 5 years. Online Education, Classes and Degree have always been high paying keywords, back in 2011 WordStream released the 20 highest paying keywords for … [Read more...]

AlpNames.com Starts Selling Premium .Science, .Party and .Cricket Domains Starting At $230

AlpNames.com just send out an email announcing they are starting to sell the premium domain names of three Famous Four Domain extension .Science, .Party and .Cricket and launched Premium.AlpNames.com. These are domain name reserved by the registry and were not available for registration. There are several price points for the premium … [Read more...]