Takes A look at Football From an Online Traffic POV

Compete took a look at the popularity of Football from an online traffic viewpoint. I kind of think their findings make sense and its not really a surprise to see a downward trend going into January as most fans don't have a horse in the race. There is more excitement for fans outside of the conference champions around which ad is going to be controversial and which will become a hit. The article … [Read more...]

Is This The Domain With The Longest Registration Date? SMITHSONIAN.US Expires 2102

Here is new one on me. A domain name that doesn't expire until the next century. The domain name is and it is as you would expect owned by the Smithsonian Institution of Washington. The domain is not registered through a registrar, but instead is still showing as being registered through NeuStar the company that operates the .US registry under license of the United States … [Read more...]

New Dot Media, LLC launches TheNotComRevolution.Guide

A frequent commenter on TheDomains Tom Gilles is the founder of New Dot Media, LLC, his company published a press release relating to an educational website TheNotComRevolution.Guide. An educational website, http://TheNotcomRevolution.Guide, has been launched by New Dot Media, LLC to help internet users better understand and navigate the new "Not Com" Internet. The website provides insight … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Sunday and its impact on Online Sales

The Super Bowl and eCommerce Abbe Miller wrote a piece on Business2Community that looked at how big television events impact online sales both during and after the event. The article mentioned some stats from the previous two years culled from a couple different sources. Hashtags included  in ad spots jumped to 57%. Go Daddy decided to pull its puppy ad, Go Daddy has benefited greatly from … [Read more...]

Jazz At Lincoln Center Acquires & Re-brands To & Some Fans Are Not Happy, reports that the organization that operates Jazz at Lincoln Center, recently aand re-branded the organization to from it former address, which is owned and operated under since it started in the early 2000's Although the story does not say how much the organization paid for the domain, it says that the domain was recently  appraised for $40,000 ( … [Read more...]

Would you have applied for a new GTLD if you knew what you know now ?

On the one year anniversary of the rollout of new gtlds to the public, our January poll question was, "Would you have applied for a new GTLD if you knew what you know now ?" We had 110 votes and 62 people voted no while 48 voted yes. This may have been a tricky question because a lot of participants may not have had the ability to embark on such an adventure due to the price. I think if you … [Read more...]

CNN: “Is this the Super Bowl’s next GoDaddy?”

CNN asked if Wix Is this the Super Bowl's next GoDaddy? A company mostly unknown to the public that went public over a year ago, in the article they actually compare and contrast Wix to Apple. From the article: But while tech companies like Wix aren't quite household names, they've been betting big on Super Bowl ads for decades. Most famously, Apple (AAPL, Tech30) did so with its 1984 Super … [Read more...]